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Universal – Sep 6 2018

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Clues Answers
Mayday! SOS
___ of the Tiger EYE
Amazing bargain STEAL
Angle wood BEVEL
Author Harper LEE
Big Billboard name DRAKE
Brought into the world BIRTHED
Cheeky talk SASS
Child KID
Cold north wind BORA
Conquer crosswords SOLVE
Contour a new way RESHAPE
Convention bags TOTES
Course that’s unforced ELECTIVE
Creator MAKER
Dance variety TAP
Deck components SUITS
Do some cobbling REHEEL
Draw a bead AIM
Eater apt for this puzzle CHEWER
Eye network CBS
Fast-food side FRIES
Flame proof? ASH
Grammar concerns TENSES
Huge bird EMU
Inquire ASK
JFK regulators FAA
Jordan residents ARABS
Leaseholders LESSEES
Like ’90s video games now RETRO
Montana city BUTTE
Movable fashion lines HEMS
New parents’ chore CHOOSEANAME
No longer hip PASSE
Noble dude EARL
Not close to shipshape MESSY
Not stay neutral CHOOSESIDES
Obliterate ERASE
Ocean bottoms SEABEDS
One-eighty UTURN
Overcharges on purpose FLEECES
Pitching stat ERA
Place for a brand LABEL
Place for all kidding? ASIDE
Place for many matches ARENA
Preserves, in a way SALTS
QB/sportscaster Terry BRADSHAW
Refuses to retire STAYSON
Republic of China’s capital TAIPEI
Ringling abbr BROS
Robin Hood’s mastery ARCHERY
Roof parts EAVES
Science course, for short BIO
Shah of Iran, later EXILE
Shakespearean lover ROMEO
Showy displays ECLATS
Slip up ERR
Spooky EERIE
Stockholmer SWEDE
Stolen, in slang HOT
StraightŠ“%82Š’ line through a figure AXIS
Supercollider bits ATOMS
Tablecloths and such LINENS
The day before the day EVE
Thinks hard on a subject CHEWSITOVER
Titleist elevator TEE
Tobacco curer OAST
Tokyo pre-1868 EDO
Too deep in thought LOST
Used credit OWED
Vineyard of France CRU
Warped BENT
___ du Flambeau, Wisc LAC
___-walsy (chummy) PALSY