Universal – Sep 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Got it” NOTED
“I ___ a vacation!” NEED
“I ___ stand it!” CANT
“The Magic Flute,” for one OPERA
*Approval for a project LIGHTGREEN
*Carrying heavy packages, say DOWNLOADED
*Ignore an alarm clock SLEEPOVER
*Up-court rush in basketball BREAKFAST
All over again ANEW
Alternative to FedEx USPS
Break from activity REST
Broad ave BLVD
Bulb unit WATT
Certain SURE
Combine, as resources POOL
Competed on “The Voice” SANG
Concept IDEA
Cup alternative CONE
Debate topic ISSUE
Discovery FIND
Dolly the sheep, e.g CLONE
Drunk, informally WASTED
Extinct bird DODO
Fifths of fifties TENS
Fires a bow SHOOTS
Fit for the task ABLE
Foamy coffee orders LATTES
For each PER
Formerly ONCE
Frequent character in a URL SLASH
Group into large units CHUNK
Hair lines? PARTS
Hammer or sickle TOOL
Hard hats, swim caps, etc HEADWEAR
Has left the premises ISOUT
Hooligan in a squad GOON
Ice, but not water or steam SOLID
In the interim MEANWHILE
Like some cheddar AGED
Looked over EYED
Loyal TRUE
Mitt Romney and Robert Redford, for two UTAHNS
Necessity for a bassoonist REED
No. 1 guy? ADAM
Odds’ partner ENDS
Politician’s helper AIDE
Powerful tools for hair removal LASERS
Propane containers TANKS
Puerto Rico, por ejemplo ISLA
Ready for a long drive ALERT
River through Cologne RHINE
Said further ADDED
Seat of Dutch government, with “the” HAGUE
Sell, as stolen goods FENCE
She, in Paris ELLE
Show curiosity ASK
Solution with a pH less than 7 ACID
Soothing plant ALOE
Splash against LAPAT
Surgery souvenir SCAR
They naturally absorb carbon TREES
Third-largest country in Africa SUDAN
Transparent CLEAR
Uno, dos, ___ .. TRES
Wedding food that’s not eaten RICE
What some say is necessary for gain PAIN
What the dog says ARFARF
Where a lawn mower may be stored SHED
Where to do your bidding EBAY
With reference to ASFOR
Word after “tall” or “fairy” TALE
Word before “brakes” or “window” REAR
___ of the free LAND

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