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Universal – Sep 7 2018

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Clues Answers
As a result … ERGO
Once ___ a Mattress UPON
___ circumstances beyond … DUETO
58-Down feature SKIT
Ait kin ISLET
Animal feature TAIL
Banned pesticide DDT
Beach headwear SUNHAT
Bedfordshire river OUSE
Biscuit relative SCONE
Block deliverers of old ICEMEN
Chanteuse Edith PIAF
Chuck who coached the Steelers NOLL
Coffee shop entertainer POET
Competitor FOE
Curtain-fixture concealer CORNICE
Dangerous vipers ASPS
Director’s unit TAKE
Display a short fuse SNAPAT
Doe chaser STAG
Doesn’t stay upright TILTS
Eggo preparer TOASTER
Exxon competitor ARCO
Fancy dinner feature? ENTREE
Floppy hats TAMS
Frutti partner TUTTI
Goat with curvy horns IBEX
Grp. of objectors? ABA
Huge swine BOAR
It glides over snow TBAR
It’s upped in poker ANTE
Lamb’s parent EWE
Lapel-attached device MIKE
Lettering guide STENCIL
Like 10th and 11th innings EXTRA
Like some glasses RIMLESS
Milanese money, once LIRA
Minute pest MITE
Mouthy coal passageway? THROATINTHELUMP
Mushroom to eat MOREL
Musical breaks RESTS
Native American group TRIBE
Neither partner? NOR
Noisy bouts of commotion ADOS
On the ball AWARE
Ovine-logoed trucks RAMS
Oxidizes RUSTS
Plant-sucking genus APHIS
Plastic guy KEN
Prefix with “structure” INFRA
Priest’s garment ALB
Quick jotting NOTE
Rural structure BARN
School trial? TEST
Shakers on the dance floor HIPS
Shoe part INSTEP
Shopping conveniences CARTS
Sicilian tourist sight ETNA
Simulated? No ACTUAL
Some canonical hours (var.) TIERCES
Some soft drinks COLAS
Sooty passageway FLUE
Sparkling Italian wine ASTI
Stinging precipitation SLEET
Sweeping garment CAPE
Tablecloth material LINEN
That woman HER
Thing on a cowboy’s truck? SADDLEINTHEBACK
Tossing back the covers ASTIR
Variety show lineup ACTS
Via, cut THRO
Wading bird IBIS
Walked purposefully TROD
Walks on stage ENTERS
Was a disruptive bedmate SNORED
What collects well water? BUCKETINTHEHOLE