Universal – Sep 8 2018

Clues Answers
… and make it quick! ASAP
All ___ being equal … ELSE
Dino stick-on SAUR
It’s all ___ you UPTO
That oughta ___! DOIT
551, in Roman numerals DLI
8:1, e.g RATIO
African grassland VELD
Appetizing list MENU
Australian meat source EMU
Author’s other name PSEUDONYM
Bear in the sky URSA
Boat? No, fancier YACHT
Body of laws CANON
Boy Scouts group TROOP
Campus military grp ROTC
Change in Mexico PESOS
Coin substitute TOKEN
Completely stuff SATE
Consonants in “ninny” ENS
Couple that’s here and there? EXES
Crack the books READ
Culture prefix ETHNO
Dainty wear LACE
Didn’t get to-go ATEIN
Do banker’s work LEND
Dull, color-wise DRAB
Flower container VASE
Free from restraint UNTIE
From square one ANEW
Home for Adam and Eve EDEN
Hun leader ATTILA
Increase ADDTO
Indian dress SARI
Internships for college students, in the U.K SANDWICHCOURSES
Invisible currency EMONEY
Irritable TESTY
It’s a pain ACHE
Joint-related problem GOUT
Journalist Shriver MARIA
Like all facts TRUE
Like dental exams ORAL
Like old bread STALE
Long-practiced ceremony RITE
Modern battery type NICAD
Moves hems SEWS
Movie personnel CAST
Musical exercise ETUDE
Nautical direction ALEE
Numerical code AREA
One next in line HEIR
Part of a pot on the table ANTE
Photo chances, briefly OPS
Pleasure-seekers HEDONISTS
Possible to figure out DEDUCIBLE
Praiseworthy act DEED
Raised mark on the skin WEAL
Removed or shortened CUT
Return to slender? DIET
Round rural building SILO
Scottish baron THANE
Show great anger RAGE
Silent-spring causers DDTS
Simple dexterity EASE
Six-sided state UTAH
Some lower bones TARSI
Some units of conductance MHOS
Stamps of approval OKS
Summit meeting events TALKS
Take on, as a quality ENDUE
The pounds in 256,000 ounces SIXTEENTHOUSAND
Things made every day DECISIONS
Tug violently YANK
Two of a kind DYAD
Vigor ELAN
Weigh-station concern TRET

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