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Universal – Sep 8 2019

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Clues Answers
“Baby” or “sonic” follower BOOM
“Cool,” once PHAT
“Cosmos” author Carl SAGAN
“Decorates” with rolls, informally TPS
“I’m so relaxed!” AHH
“___ Will Be Loved” (Maroon 5 hit) SHE
Annoying type TWIT
Arid areas DESERTS
Arrived at REACHED
Artist’s stand EASEL
Blanchett of cinema CATE
Britain invader of old ROMAN
Came to light AROSE
Car make that shared its name with a planet, familiarly MERC
Color property HUE
Combines MELDS
Creeks and such STREAMS
Crosswise, on a cruise ABEAM
Deere implements PLOWS
Deli sandwich letters BLT
Do better than ONEUP
Driver’s support TEE
Dull sound THUD
Element #50 TIN
Engine booster TURBO
Fireplace debris ASHES
Fit with wheels? HONDA
Florida setting of the movie “Moonlight” MIAMI
Formal getup TAILS
Get from an estate INHERIT
Give a hoot CARE
Go onstage ENTER
Golf legend Palmer’s nickname ARNIE
Impudent simian? BRASHMONKEY
Japanese beer ASAHI
Jeep from a 1972-83 TV show? MASHTRANSIT
Lash application MASCARA
Last-minute eBay bidder SNIPER
Like salad veggies, often RAW
Luminous signs NEONS
Make a 3-pointer with a wheel of brie? SWISHCHEESE
Mesh strainer SIEVE
Muscles worked by planks ABS
Natural gas component ETHANE
Night before EVE
Northern Oklahoma city ENID
Note below la SOL
Olympian, e.g ATHLETE
One may be hermetic SEAL
Org. concerned with health AMA
Org. for Federer ATP
Ounce fraction DRAM
Out in front AHEAD
Parent in a blended family STEPMOM
Pictures of mismatched outfits? CLASHPHOTOS
Plopped down SAT
Plot trajectory ARC
Poetic anagram of 11-Down EER
Pre-view letters IMO
Prefix for the birds AVI
Prepare to score on a sac fly TAGUP
Prior to, in a sonnet ERE
Really, really liked ADORED
Residential overhangs EAVES
Rodent companion PETRAT
Serious stage work DRAMA
Shaft of sunlight RAY
Slob’s leavings MESS
Source of suds KEG
Trimmed, as a lawn EDGED
Turkey neighbor IRAQ
Undue speed HASTE
Unlike most puppies QUIET
Used a keyboard TYPED
Used an atomizer SPRAYED
Wood-turning tool LATHE
Woodlands female DOE
___ Hall University SETON