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Universal – Sep 9 2018

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Clues Answers
Aloha gift LEI
Carte start ALA
There ___ no words … ARE
11 and 60 minutes? NOON
2020 U.S. event CENSUS
Airtight explanations ALIBIS
App game interruptions ADS
Assembler of pages COLLATOR
Aves. kin STS
Bluefin and skipjack TUNAS
Cameron blockbuster AVATAR
Capture, as a crook NAB
Carefree diversions LARKS
Cat’s lives NINE
Certain exercise AEROBIC
Chain of connected ideas CATENA
Cheapskate MISER
Cheese type NACHO
Clear frozen windshields DEICE
Common scratchers NAILS
Common vow IDO
Cowell and Baker SIMONS
Cry like a baby PULE
Declare firmly AVER
Demoralize UNMAN
Dirtying up SOILING
Drawers of funnies CARTOONISTS
Extinct New Zealander MOA
Extract with a solvent ELUTE
Floaters with great views BALLOONISTS
Glimmering LUSTROUS
Harsh suffix? EST
Hindi courtesy title BABOO
How oaths are given ALOUD
Isolate, as Gilligan ENISLE
It could be hammered out DENT
Landing datum ETA
Manufacturer’s incentive REBATE
Massage places SPAS
Mexican currency PESOS
Mix oil and water? STIR
Muhammad or Laila ALI
Noter’s tote PAD
Orators’ platforms ROSTRA
Orchestra silence REST
Pantomimed dances HULAS
Place for a nap SOFA
Plants, e.g FLORA
Pour, as wine DECANT
Prolonged military attacks SIEGES
Reach a breaking point SNAP
Regretful one RUER
Satchel relative TOTEBAG
Satirical ridiculers LAMPOONISTS
Sauce with quite a kick TABASCO
Sch. since 1861 MIT
Sean Lennon’s mom ONO
Simple soup CONSOMME
Singer King Cole NAT
Slanderous word SLUR
Smell ODOR
Some woodwind players BASSOONISTS
Southern veggie OKRA
Spanish heat CALOR
Student’s pre-test mantra ACEIT
Swamp growths REEDS
Tag’s result OUT
Tart citrus LEMON
The Three Little pigs, e.g TRIO
Tiny insect GNAT
Uncle of Mexico TIO
Uniformed comics pooch OTTO
Walking aide CANE
Wicked Biblical city SODOM
Zamboni surface ICE