USA Today – Apr 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Easy come, easy go’ is one IDIOM
‘Ezekiel connected ___ dry bones . . .’ DEM
‘Great to find this out’ GLADIASKED
‘Let’s do this!’ ITSON
‘OK by me’ FINE
‘OK, it wasn’t true’ ILIED
‘You get the ___’ IDEA
‘___ next time!’ UNTIL
A CFO is one EXEC
Actress McDaniel ETTA
Allowed access LETIN
Animated figure, for short TOON
Baseball great Cool ___ Bell PAPA
Chastising syllable TSK
Chiang Mai’s continent ASIA
Discipline sometimes practiced on a zafu ZEN
End-of-week exclamation TGIF
Enjoy a ZORA piece READ
Enjoys a long bath SOAKS
Everything ALL
Expand the staff HIRE
Far from cool UNHIP
Frayed parts of some jeans HEMS
Got possession of OBTAINED
Ham, turkey, etc MEATS
Hang on a clothesline DRY
Home gym machines STATIONARYBIKES
How-to guidebook MANUAL
Inseparable friend BESTIE
Kabuki backdrops SETS
Language whose first dictionary was published in 1998 HOPI
Lasagna or linguine PASTA
Like ripe bananas SOFT
Like some undercuts DYED
Line of rotation AXIS
Line on a street map ROAD
Luigi’s brother MARIO
Make egg tarts, for example BAKE
Maru, for example CAT
Mother lodes contain them ORES
Name for a black-and-white pet OREO
Nickname for a southpaw LEFTY
Not active INERT
Not in favor of ANTI
Not yet determined STILLUPINTHEAIR
Not yet expired VALID
Omelet vessel PAN
Opening in a schedule SLOT
Organize into piles SORT
Overly hasty RASH
Parapsychology subject ESP
Parts of Tig Notaro routines BITS
Pepper, in Italian PEPE
Place for a piglet to sleep STY
Place to find TV dinners FROZENFOODAISLE
Place to grow crops FARM
Repetitive learning process ROTE
Sicilian site of some volcanic lightning sightings ETNA
Soccer star Sam KERR
Spanish for 23-Across ELLA
Spit take sound PFFT
Super- UBER
Tend to zosui STIR
There are two blank ones in Scrabble TILES
Third-person pronoun SHE
Top that’s easy to crop TEE
Trail of Broken Treaties org AIM
Train whistle sound TOOT
Unit of lettuce HEAD
Use swear words CUSS
Word after ‘extracurricular’ or ‘paranormal’ ACTIVITY
Word on a door PUSH
___ and joy PRIDE
___ Leonean SIERRA
___ meridiem (a.m.) ANTE
___-up energy PENT

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