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USA Today – Apr 11 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Didn’t I tell you?’ SEE
‘Gigi’ playwright Loos ANITA
‘___ the greatest!’ IAM
1939 movie classic, briefly GWTW
Ambulance destinations, for short ERS
Blows away, in a way AWES
Bring joy to ELATE
Broccoli ___ (bitter vegetable) RABE
Cafeteria worker’s hairnet SNOOD
Career soldiers LIFERS
Clock climbers of rhyme MICE
Cocktail hour bowlfuls DIPS
Column crossers ROWS
Common name for an aquatic theme park WATERWORLD
Descartes’ ‘therefore’ ERGO
Did some doodling DREW
Did some quilting, say SEWED
Dogie catcher LASSO
Downhill ride SLED
Easter bloom LILY
Edgar who painted ballerinas DEGAS
Eva of ‘Hitch’ MENDES
Flight board data, briefly ETAS
From square one ANEW
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Hint of color TINGE
Impersonal letter opener SIRS
Is afflicted with HAS
Jumps ship DESERTS
Just ___ (not much) ATAD
Kirk, to Shatner ROLE
Kuwaiti currency DINARS
Lawrence of Arabia’s ride CAMEL
Less cordial ICIER
Like a lea GRASSY
Like good eggs GRADEA
Like most standardized tests TIMED
Clues Answers
Lucy of ‘Chicago’ LIU
Matchbox toy MODELCAR
Midas’ undoing GREED
Mini-albums, for short EPS
Minimal amount IOTA
Misses terribly PINESFOR
More artful SLIER
New burst of energy SECONDWIND
New England’s Cape ___ ANN
Nut with a cupule ACORN
On one’s guard WARY
One with wanderlust NOMAD
Opposed to, in dialect AGIN
Playbill listing CAST
Ponte Vecchio’s river ARNO
Prefix meaning ‘Chinese’ SINO
Pupil’s place IRIS
Puts out, as a song RELEASES
Rendered unable to scratch DECLAWED
School attended by 007 ETON
Shapes with an axe HEWS
Some portraitists’ paints OILS
Stadium section TIER
Ties the knot WEDS
Tom or stag MALE
Toot one’s own horn BRAG
Triangular letter DELTA
Tribal patriarchs ELDERS
Turndown to Jose? NOWAY
Uncle on rice boxes BEN
Unlike a tribute band’s repertoire ORIGINAL
Vietnam conflict, e.g FOREIGNWAR
Way up a ski slope TBAR
Wedding party member FLOWERGIRL
Wish undone RUE
Wooden fastener DOWEL
Word that can follow each half of 16- and 53-Across and 10- and 26-Down POWER
___ jaw (Leno feature) LANTERN