USA Today – Apr 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Appreciate it,’ for short THX
‘Cool!’ WOW, NEAT
‘I’m ___ Only Woman’ HIS
‘My bad,’ for short SRY
‘___ we forget . . .’ LEST
2020 Tracey Deer film BEANS
Acquire GET
And so on (Abbr.) ETC
Battery type SOLAR
Battery type AAA
Be fond of LIKE
Bert and ___ ERNIE
Blend into a thick liquid PUREE
Board game piece PEG
Body part with a lobe EAR
Boxy vehicle VAN
Celie’s sister NETTIE
City in northern Oklahoma ENID
Computer port letters USB
Country music sound TWANG
Door joint HINGE
Drag show venue GAYBAR
E-sports player GAMER
End-of-game football strategy PREVENTDEFENSE
Feel the same AGREE
Female 12-Across EWE
Fleecy farm animal SHEEP
Frequently OFTEN
Garlic ___ NAAN
Gas whose name comes from a Greek word for ‘new’ NEON
Good to go SET
ID no. on a tax form SSN
Item of clothing in an airport bin SHOE
Item of clothing in an airport bin BELT
Like some dribbles and dunks BETWEENTHELEGS
Looks for SEEKS
Makes out, in England SNOGS
Meditation vacation RETREAT
Meets for an appointment SEES
Name of a book TITLE
Neckwear often accompanied by suspenders BOWTIES
Nickname for Eugenia GENIE
Not home right now OUT
Number with more digits than syllables TEN
Opposite of a gulp SIP
Over-it gesture EYEROLL
People who maintain golf courses GREENSKEEPERS
Phrase next to a date on a food item USEBY
Possible result of unionizing RAISE
Prayer ending AMEEN
Prefix meaning ‘all’ OMNI
Prefix meaning ‘opposed to’ ANTI
Pro tennis player with a career singles record of 695-25 ESTHERVERGEER
Promise of repayment IOU
Rating for a show that’s suitable for all ages TVG
River in Egypt and Ethiopia NILE
Shoulder-to-hip accessory SASH
Some binary digits ONES
Space Race country USSR
Superlative suffix EST
Taiwanese snack IRONEGG
The ‘E’ in BCE ERA
The third III
Tip jar’s contents CASH
Tree in the beech family OAK
Way out EXIT
Word after ‘film’ or ‘Drakkar’ NOIR
Word before ‘subject’ or ‘loser’ SORE
Yemane Barya’s country ERITREA
[Exploding head emoji] OMG
___ and downs UPS
___ the dots CONNECT
___, present and future PAST
___, Wind & Fire EARTH
___-ray disc BLU


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