USA Today – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
’30 for 30′ airer ESPN
‘Argo’ setting IRAN
‘Back up,’ in Word UNDO
‘I called it first!’ DIBS
‘Kissing disease,’ for short MONO
‘Wedding Cantata’ composer BACH
‘___ big to fail’ TOO
Aerialist’s safeguard NET
American, across the pond YANK
Atlantic crosser of 1492 NINA
Brooks Brothers purchase TIE
Cara on the ‘Flashdance’ soundtrack IRENE
Castro of Cuba RAUL
Classic sign of a healthy dog WETNOSE
Clear the way for ENABLE
Cloistered group NUNS
Converted split, e.g SPARE
Corp. head honcho CEO
Dad’s feeling when his son hits a homer, say VICARIOUSTHRILL
Disciple of Yoda JEDI
Enjoy thoroughly EATUP
Far from busy IDLE
Final authority SAY
Googlers’ destinations SITES
Hasenpfeffer, e.g RABBITSTEW
Instagram photo collection ALBUM
It’s covered by the cornea IRIS
Keebler Elves’ home TREE
Krupp Works city ESSEN
Leave the stage EXIT
Loft dweller’s contract LEASE
Lovable folks HONEYS
Luncheon meat purveyor DELI
Malicious sort MEANIE
Meat in a Monty Python sketch SPAM
Monologist before Fallon LENO
Most welcoming WARMEST
Muscular fitness TONE
Part of the former Yugoslavia SERBIA
Clues Answers
Pasta sauce buy JAR
Path for Eris or Ceres ORBIT
Pepperidge Farm cookie MILANO
Perfect pitch, to a singer ASSET
Petulant states SNITS
Place to catch a train DEPOT
Playground apparatus MONKEYBARS
Pocket-size sources of music IPODS
Prepared to tie a shoelace KNELT
Prime Cuts pet food brand ALPO
Problems for 1-Downs EGOS
Pronoun for a yacht SHE
Reaps benefits PAYS
Reason to cover one’s ears DIN
Relay racer’s handoff BATON
Reprimand to a toddler NONO
Round-bellied TUBBY
Scene depicting a shepherd and sheep, say PASTORALSETTING
Searcher for the Lost Ark, informally INDY
Secure in one’s teaching job TENURED
Sherman who sang ‘Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh’ ALLAN
Smoked meat sticks brand SLIMJIM
South Pacific tourist mecca FIJI
Spiritual retreat ASHRAM
Stair climber’s aid RAIL
Start of Flintstone’s yell YABBA
Surveyor’s map PLAT
Symbol in religious art HALO
Tart thief of rhyme KNAVE
Temperamental star DIVA
Terminated abruptly AXED
They can be smacked or sealed LIPS
Threaded bit of hardware SCREW
Unit of bacon or concrete SLAB
Vegetable in V8 juice BEET
Victoria’s Secret buy SLIP
Wicked deeds EVILS
With ‘up’ or ‘down,’ devour greedily SNARF
___-mo replay SLO

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