USA Today – Apr 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
#Not___Property (2021 college athlete protest) NCAA
‘Confident’ singer Lovato DEMI
‘Finding ___’ (2003 movie) NEMO
‘Get ___ of it!’ RID
‘How to Get Away With Murder’ actress AJANAOMIKING
‘Knives Out’ actress ANADEARMAS
‘Sex Education’ actor ASABUTTERFIELD
‘Uh-uh’ NAH
🙂 and 🙁 often autocorrect to them EMOJIS
A really long time AGES
Amazing deals STEALS
Animal symbol of Aries RAM
Australian birds EMUS
Belgrade’s country SERBIA
Berry written with two accents ACAI
Business with habitats ZOO
Chili powder or cinnamon SPICE
City in northwestern Pennsylvania ERIE
Color of a cloudless sky AZURE
Concept in Indian classical music RAGA
Correspondence read on podcasts EMAILS
Director Craven WES
Do perfect on ACE
Earthquakes TREMORS
EU currency EUROS
Famous ___ (rhyming cookie brand) AMOS
Foot treatment, for short PEDI
Four, for two and two SUM
Genre for The Squeaky Wheel and The Onion SATIRE
Greek god of love EROS
Gulp of a drink SWIG
Hearing ___ AID
Help with a crime ABET
Home in a tree NEST
Home on the ground TENT
Horse’s father SIRE
Identify NAME
Journal LOG
Living room fixture SOFA
Look impolitely STARE
Look shocked, for example REACT
Make a sketch DRAW
Metal in skillets IRON
Mistake ERROR
Most people can’t lick theirs ELBOW
Native rights activist Hank ADAMS
Old piece of cloth used for cleaning RAG
Org. receiving tax returns IRS
Parenthesis shape ARC
Pay number RATE
Program for city cyclists BIKESHARE
Prolongs more than necessary DRAGSOUT
Provider of funding BACKER
Replay feature SLOMO
Response to ‘Whatcha doin’?’ NOTHIN
Sign that might be described as ‘ill’ OMEN
Similar AKIN
Six-pack ___ ABS
Soft ingredient in sundubu-jjigae TOFU
Subject for Raquel Willis RACE
The bulk of monthly expenses, for many RENT
The term ‘boyfriend,’ for example LABEL
Truth ___ SERUM
Type of neckwear SCARF
Unmake a sketch ERASE
Vacuum sometimes treated as a pet ROOMBA
Visibly embarrassed REDASABEET
When the ’90s happened DECADESAGO
___ Bay, Florida TAMPA
___ moco (rhyming Hawaiian dish) LOCO
___ opposites POLAR
___ the joke (laughing along) INON

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