USA Today – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘Doctor Who’ et al TVSHOWS
‘Free Willy’ beast ORCA
‘Jurassic Park’ stuff DNA
‘Swans a-swimming’ count SEVEN
1945 flag-raising site, briefly IWO
Airport terminal queue CABS
Alex with all the answers TREBEK
Allure competitor ELLE
Anjou cousin BOSC
Aptly named citrus UGLI
Artsy Big Apple area SOHO
Bacterium in food recalls ECOLI
Bart’s bus driver OTTO
Billy’s mate on the farm NANNY
Bit of salon sweepings TRESS
Boa relative PYTHON
Breakaway group SECT
Cabin dweller at Walden Pond THOREAU
Calligraphy pen point NIB
Chain whose name suggests a happy hour TGIFRIDAYS
Character depicted swinging on vines TARZAN
Cheese similar to Gouda EDAM
Chin dimple CLEFT
Circular cracker RITZ
College building namesake, often DONOR
Comics bark ARF
Common PC command before ‘Close’ SAVE
Commonly fractured bone CLAVICLE
Draw forth, as a memory EVOKE
E-ticket add-on FEE
Europa or Io, to Jupiter MOON
Farm team’s neckwear YOKE
Flood control structure DIKE
Form W-9 figs SSNS
Furtive ‘Hey you!’ PSST
Had a spaced-out look STARED
It’s not quite a whopper FIB
Jumps to one’s feet ARISES
Like Romeo and Juliet or 15-Across ILLFATED
Clues Answers
Makes stout, say BREWS
Male suitors SWAINS
Many a Monopoly square (Abbr.) AVE
Middle-earth creator JRRTOLKIEN
Mr. Potato Head pieces EYES
Muscle Beach types HEMEN
Norma McCorvey, in a landmark 1973 case ROE
Northwestern capital, or its river BOISE
Not as cold or rainy, say NICER
Not now? THEN
Of the same ___ (similar) ILK
Oldest city in Hawaii HILO
Place for a Fitbit WRIST
Post-finale song ENCORE
Radiology lab device MRISCANNER
Rainbow flag movement, for short LGBT
Riot control agent TEARGAS
Rose and Bench, for years REDS
See eye to eye AGREE
Sends to the bottom SINKS
Silently 14-Across NOD
Ski resort that prohibits snowboarders ALTA
Source of a hot stock tip, maybe INSIDER
Start of a command to attack SIC
Swarming annoyances GNATS
Talc, vis-a-vis diamond SOFTER
Tar Heels’ sch UNC
Terry or taffeta CLOTH
Theme park transport TRAM
Till stack TENS
Times Square ball drop time (Abbr.) NYE
Twist, as poll results SKEW
Victim in Genesis ABEL
Watering hole BAR
Wetland where peat grows FEN
Where to find ‘Doctor Who,’ stateside BBCAMERICA
Within walking distance, say NEAR
___ Khalifa (world’s tallest building) BURJ
___-Wan Kenobi OBI

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