USA Today – Apr 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Au contraire!’ NOTSO
‘Buzz Lightyear to the ___!’ RESCUE
‘Hawaii ___’ ALOHA
‘If all ___ fails . . .’ ELSE
‘Leave a message after the ___’ BEEP
‘Never ___ Getting Rid of Me’ (‘Waitress’ song) EVER
‘Sense and Sensibility’ director Lee ANG
‘Stop right there!’ HALT
‘Wheels down’ approximations ETAS
‘Why not!’ SURE
‘___ Mubarak’ EID
All over again ANEW
Ancient Roman garments TOGAS
Area outside a city, for short BURB
Award quartet won by Rita Moreno EGOT
Back muscle, for short LAT
Backs of necks NAPES
Banded gemstone AGATE
Bend down STOOP
Big flightless bird EMU
Blacklight, for example UVLAMP
Butter used for biryani GHEE
Cartoon explorer DORA
Chain with Animal Style burgers INNOUT
Choreography involving ‘wings’ CHICKENDANCE
Clairvoyant’s skill ESP
Donkey ASS
Downsides CONS
End-of-term exams FINALS
Eyelid hair LASH
Fine French fabric CHANTILLYLACE
Fish found backward in the next clue EEL
Foreboding sign OMEN
Future drs.’ exams MCATS
Future JD’s exam LSAT
Fuzzy jacket FLEECE
Garbage ___ (sink feature) DISPOSAL
Greek letter S SIGMA
Has dinner at midnight, for example EATSLATE
Hoppy brews IPAS
House, in Spanish CASA
Involuntary movement SPASM
Journalist Nakashima ELLEN
Large snake PYTHON
Large-scale EPIC
Letter sent with a click EMAIL
Letters on Black Girl Sunscreen products SPF
Like 2-Down music ANGSTY
List heading TODO
Lowest cards in poker TWOS
Male cat TOM
Many years ___ AGO
Muck to wrestle in MUD
Nine-digit ID, for short SSN
Not distracted ONTASK
One of 12 in a foot INCH
Paramore genre EMO
Pig’s home STY
Portion of butter PAT
Private ___ (part of the economy) SECTOR
Procedural with a ‘Vegas’ sequel CSI
Produced breast milk LACTATED
Scarlet, tomato, etc REDS
Scenic designers’ creations SETS
School of Buddhism ZEN
Showed the way GUIDED
Slight bit TAD
The ‘D’ in CD DISC
Title princess in a video game franchise ZELDA
To any extent ATALL
Tugboat sound TOOT
Types of dogs or cats BREEDS
UFO pilots, maybe ETS
Walking-through-the-front-door phrase IMHOME
Yu Garden’s city SHANGHAI
___ of guilt PANG
___ Te Ching TAO

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