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USA Today – Apr 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘. . . in the following manner’ LIKETHIS
‘. . . ___ a lender be’ NOR
‘Ain’t happenin’!’ NAH
‘Mayday!’ relative SOS
‘SNL’ alumna Cheri OTERI
13th-century Mongol invader TATAR
A bit off-color RACY
Absence of strictness LAXITY
Alfalfa’s heartthrob DARLA
Appraised, as a situation SIZEDUP
Arrive gradually, as darkness SETIN
Bombeck of suburban humor ERMA
Box office flop DUD
Bull on a Glue-All bottle ELMER
Carpet securers TACKS
Color commentators’ figures STATS
D.C. baseballer NAT
Dalmatian’s mark SPOT
Dating from ASOF
Deck at readings TAROT
Did a croupier’s task DEALT
Discontinued Canadian bill ONE
Fitting room fixture MIRROR
Form 1040 fig SSN
Gadgets largely replaced by pull tabs CANOPENERS
Getting three squares daily WELLFED
Gila monster’s habitat DESERT
Grill piece GRATE
Has an effect on IMPACTS
Hat rack feature PEG
Hatcher who played Lois Lane TERI
Horseshoe-shaped letter OMEGA
iPod discontinued in 2017 NANO
Ivan of inside trading BOESKY
Jawbreaker’s music genre EMO
Keats and Yeats, for two POETS
Kilt pattern, often PLAID
Lesley of ’60 Minutes’ STAHL
Clues Answers
Letter-shaped cross TAU
Light on one’s feet AGILE
Like the ArkLaMiss area TRISTATE
Lumberjacks’ tool parts AXEHANDLES
Marmalade morsel ZEST
Marshmallow chicks or bunnies PEEPS
Metal or composite club, ironically WOOD
Moistens in the produce aisle MISTS
Mole or mosquito PEST
One to hang out with PAL
Play havoc with DISRUPT
Prefix with gram or center EPI
Puppy’s cry YIP
Removed, as a price tag TOREOFF
Served, as hash SLUNG
Simba’s love NALA
Simple seasoning instruction ADDSALT
Slippery sort EEL
Some sports car roofs TTOPS
Stevens who sang ‘Peace Train’ CAT
Street gang’s territory TURF
The Sun Devils’ sch ASU
Toadies’ responses YESES
Treat with 34-Across INDULGE
Trendy, in 1960s England MOD
Twin killings, in baseball (Abbr.) DPS
Two-legged rifle support BIPOD
Two-tone snacks OREOS
Unwaisted garments of the 1950s SACKDRESSES
Uses a spoon, perhaps STIRS
Versatile vehicles, for short UTES
Visitors from afar, for short ETS
Walk-up apartments’ safety features FIREESCAPES
Wall St. debuts IPOS
Walmart’s Walton SAM
Word before hall or center REC
___ broche (skewered) ALA
___ pump (drainage aid) SUMP
___-hoo (chocolate drink) YOO