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USA Today – Apr 19 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Challenge accepted!’ ITSON
‘G.I. Jane’ star DEMIMOORE
‘Got it’ ROGER
‘Gravedigger’ singer DAVEMATTHEWS
‘I’m ___ hurry’ (‘Take your time’) INNO
‘Oh, really?’ ISIT
‘Stand by Me’ singer ___ E. King BEN
‘Will & Grace’ star DEBRAMESSING
‘You and me both!’ DITTO
‘___ too shall pass’ THIS
A lot of pranks happen on its first day APRIL
Barclays Center, for one ARENA
Bull’s-eye hitter DART
Capital northeast of Vientiane HANOI
Carpenter’s fastener SCREW
Cause for a lettuce recall ECOLI
Cause of bragging EGO
Chop with an ax HEW
Dame Judi DENCH
Develop over time EVOLVE
Dolphins quarterback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame DANMARINO
Drew to a close ENDED
Enjoy some 44-Across EAT
Florida’s second-largest city MIAMI
Flower bed filler SOIL
Food item similar to a bialy ONIONBAGEL
Foot or pound UNIT
Ford car, for short TBIRD
Garden ornament that’s often bearded GNOME
Gas used in lighting NEON
Gather bit by bit GLEAN
Go-ahead signals NODS
Grannies NANAS
Great Lake that touches four states ERIE
Hand-holding sea animal OTTER
Has the guts DARES
Improv piece SKIT
Lamenting poem ELEGY
Late-July zodiac sign LEO
Like Diwali HINDU
NBA tiebreakers OTS
Nori-wrapped rolls, e.g SUSHI
Obamacare, for short ACA
Opening words INTRO
Opportunity SHOT
Opposite of ‘paleo-‘ NEO
Palindromic relative DAD
Perform adequately DOOK
Pixar clownfish NEMO
Points along routes STOPS
Pseudonym lead-in AKA
Qutang, Wu or Xiling, along the Yangtze River GORGE
Region AREA
Running free ONTHELOOSE
Rural storage structure SILO
Shoulder muscle, for short DELT
Skate park slope RAMP
Skin care product SERUM
Staff supervisor BOSS
Swarming pest GNAT
Tenant’s payment RENT
Tex-___ MEX
The ‘A’ in UAE ARAB
The Dalai Lama went into it in 1959 EXILE
The Pearl-Qatar city DOHA
Theater productions SHOWS
They might be soaked in tea EGGS
Tie the knot MARRY
Turn sharply VEER
Unblinking look STARE
Unforeseen glitch SNAG
Value of D or G in Scrabble TWO
Voice role for Idina Menzel and Gam Wichayanee ELSA
Year-end mall temp SANTA
Zero bid, in spades NIL
___ the dishes WASH
___-Pong PING