USA Today – Apr 19 2022 Crossword Answers

USA Today – Apr 19 2022

Clues Answers
‘Just joking!’ NOT
‘New’ in Spanish NUEVO
‘You’re not the ___ of me!’ BOSS
‘___ me about it!’ TELL
2014 musical film starring Quvenzhane Wallis ANNIE
Backside REAREND
Broad road (Abbr.) AVE
Busiest airport in the midwest OHARE
Charged particle ION
Comedian Stalter MEG
Compete like Mikaela Shiffrin SKI
Cozy rest stop INN
Devious scheme PLOY
Dubu jorim ingredient TOFU
Eggs in a chirashi bowl ROE
Egyptian cross ANKH
Field concerned with city design URBANPLANNING
Ginger ___ (carbonated drink) ALE
Goblinlike creature ORC
Greek god of war ARES
H.S. exam for college credit APTEST
Hanauma Bay’s island OAHU
Helper (Abbr.) ASST
Homes made of twigs NESTS
IDs on tax forms SSNS
Indian state that’s home to the Taj Mahal UTTARPRADESH
IRS review AUDIT
Island territory that’s home to the CHamoru people GUAM
Joke around JEST
Largest city in Norway OSLO
Like blue hair DYED
Like many creatives ARTSY
Like the other team OPPOSING
Martial art that made its Olympic debut in 2021 KARATE
MBA student’s subject ECON
Meet and ___ GREET
Michelle, to Malia Obama MOM
Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend MINNIE
Mosque leader IMAM
Clues Answers
Name hidden in ‘named names’ EDNA
No longer in style DATED
Not in harm’s way SAFE
Observe Yom Kippur ATONE
Okinawa’s country JAPAN
One of the M’s in MoMA MODERN
Opinion piece OPED
Person from Council Bluffs IOWAN
Peruse Etsy, say SHOP
Piece of office furniture DESK
Pigeon pose, e.g ASANA
Pilot Solo HAN
Place to enjoy a mud mask SPA
Plug-in points on some computers USBPORTS
Poems of praise ODES
Prefix for ‘present’ or ‘potent’ OMNI
Principal MAIN
Really feel yesterday’s workout ACHE
Scooby-___ DOO
Send over the moon ELATE
Sound effect in an empty hallway ECHO
Spicy HOT
Spicy marinade ADOBO
Spoken ORAL
Spot for a solar panel ROOF
Stock units SHARES
Stockpiles STASHES
Sweetie BABE
The S of GPS (Abbr.) SYS
Tiny WEE
Top named for its shape TEE
Travel document for American citizens USPASSPORT
U.S. state that’s home to over 1 million Cuban Americans FLORIDA
Water yoga site POOL
Written reminders NOTES
___ and services GOODS

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