USA Today – Apr 2 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Apr 2 2018 Monday

Clues Answers
Al who created Dogpatch CAPP
Bakers’ creations CAKES
Catches in a trap ENSNARES
Celeb couple, in tabloids ITEM
Charm school subject POISE
Clingy wrap brand SARAN
Commend for bravery, say CITE
Cultural grant org. NEA
Dismissed unceremoniously AXED
Engaged in hostilities WARRED
Entree go­withs SIDES
Equitable opportunity FAIRSHAKE
Event on a store circular SALE
Examined thoroughly, as for evidence PROBED
Fit for the task ABLE
Fleet­footed avians EMUS
Foam noodle or inflatable raft POOL FLOAT
Grabbed forty winks DOZED
Grand Canyon formations MESAG
Gumbo need OKRA
Hatcher of “Planes” TERI
Have a lofty ambition ASPIRE
Highway patrol device RADAR
Hoer’s target WEED
HP competitor DELL
Illuminator in a shirt pocket, perhaps PENLIGHT
In a frenzied way AMOK
Issuance of new shares STOCK SPLIT
Lei giver’s greeting ALOHA
Lift with great effort HEAVE
Like 18K gold, vis­a­vis 14K gold FINER
Like gruel WATERY
Limited number of FEW
Lord High Everything ___ ELSE
Made a mad dash TORE
Makes wearisome JADES
Mary of “The Maltese Falcon” ASTOR
Meerkat in “The Lion King” TIMON
Modernize, as decor REDO
Monster in Grimm tales OGRE
Musk of Neuralink and OpenAI ELON
Neatnik’s desire ORDER
No longer obsessed with OVER
Noodles in many dorm rooms RAMEN
Not single­gender COED
Orator of old Rome CICERO
Overhead bin contents BAGS
Paddington Bear’s homeland PERU
Pals, to a Brit LADS
Parked oneself SAT
Pep talk audience TEAM
Pest in a swarm GNAT
Piano student’s exercise ETUDE
Place to buy a whoopee cushion JOKESHOP
Places to deplane GATES
Prearranged the winner of FIXED
Purring pet, casually PUSSY
Quadruped’s foreleg bone ULNA
Rain in bucketfuls TEEM
Rattle, in a way FAZE
Refrigerator boxful that absorbs 26­Down BAKING SODA
Roomy Dior dresses ALINES
Senator’s gofer PAGE
Signs of decay ODORS
Square on a biscuit PAT
Strands at a ski lodge, perhaps ICESIN
Studied intently, with “over” PORED
Subject that’s best avoided SORESPOT
Supports a telethon GIVES
Talk gibberish PRATE
Teakettle’s spot STOVE
Tickled pink GLAD
Track and field spheroid SHOT
Turkey meat option DARK
Typically black reed instrument OBOE
Was bursting at the seams BULGED

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