USA Today – Apr 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘Fancy’ rapper Azalea IGGY
‘It’s Too Late’ singer King CAROLE
‘Move over!’ SCOOT
Alec, among the Baldwin brothers ELDEST
Alphabetically first month APRIL
Autodom’s Ransom Eli ___ OLDS
Awl’s creation HOLE
Bank annoyance LINE
Became an issue AROSE
Break off a romance ENDIT
Butterfly collectors’ gear NETS
C&W star with 28 No. 1 hits EDDYARNOLD
Capone’s pursuer NESS
Century 21 staffers AGENTS
Chimes in with SAYS
Coloratura’s delivery ARIA
Come to pass OCCUR
Cooking spray brand PAM
Corset fastener LACE
Cow’s hurdle, in rhyme MOON
Diggs of ‘Chicago’ TAYE
Don’t merely ask URGE
Far from scanty AMPLE
Ferret out LOCATE
Figure in a sports strike OWNER
Former minors ADULTS
Gazillions ALOT
Hold, as a hotel suite RESERVE
Insults unmercifully, with ‘into’ RIPS
Irritate by friction CHAFE
It’s bent during a knighting KNEE
Its state seal includes a moose MAINE
Judge, No. 1 in the 2018 Topps set AARON
Like Costco purchases, often BULK
Like some pretzels and tacos SOFT
Major leagues, in baseball lingo BIGS
Mannequin toppers WIGS
Mideast gulf state OMAN
Mom and Dad, with ‘the’ FOLKS
Clues Answers
More off-the-wall ODDER
Moves to a siding, e.g SHUNTS
Neither open nor ajar SHUT
Newsstand displays RACKS
No-goodnik SOANDSO
Nocturnal predators OWLS
Oxygen-extracting organs LUNGS
Oyster Bay or Puget Sound INLET
Pac-12 gridder since 2011 UTE
Partner of a reporter’s five W’s HOW
Pasta strainers SIEVES
Places for relaxing soaks HOTTUBS
Places to moor PIERS
Play’s background scenery, perhaps DROPCURTAIN
Plowman’s pair OXEN
Postage rate increase, perhaps CENT
Product of a picked brain, perhaps IDEA
Quality of autumn air CHILL
Radar blip, e.g ECHO
Reid of ‘Sharknado’ TARA
See 61-Down POLE
Seismograph detection WAVEPATTERN
Self-expressive pursuits ARTS
Served three squares to FED
Seyfried of ‘Ted 2’ AMANDA
Sharpshooters’ aids SCOPES
Sheriff’s pin-on STAR
Side order at KFC SLAW
Snack item with ridges RIPPLECHIP
Solo in ‘Star Wars’ HAN
Ways off the Beltway EXITS
What a swabbie swabs DECK
When Hamlet dies ACTV
With 56-Down, stick on a slope SKI
Wolfish looks LEERS
Word before capita or annum PER
Word before tripper or surfer EGO
Work out in a pool DOLAPS
Worms or chum, perhaps BAIT

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