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USA Today – Apr 20 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘For ___ a Jolly Good Fellow’ HES
‘I agree to your terms’ DEAL
‘Leggo my ___!’ EGGO
‘The ___ Little Puppy’ POKY
‘The ___ With the Dragon Tattoo’ GIRL
‘What I Am’ singer Brickell EDIE
‘What ___ it matter?’ DOES
‘What ___ supposed to do now?’ AMI
‘You got that right!’ AMEN
Apple music players IPODS
Atmospheric area with a ‘hole’ OZONELAYER
Bear’s place DEN
Betting everything ALLIN
Big deer ELK
Big name in pasta sauce RAGU
Bowling alley assignment LANE
Brew with a rhyming name PALEALE
Bug on a phone line TAP
Came down to earth LANDED
Canoe’s cousin KAYAK
Closes with needle and thread SEWSUP
College residences DORMS
Company repped by a gecko GEICO
Competed in a NASCAR race DROVE
Country whose capital is Muscat OMAN
Discipline with asanas YOGA
Do a double take, e.g REACT
Embarrassing public display SCENE
Fabrics for aerial performers SILKS
Family member UNCLE
Former currency in Dublin IRISHPOUND
Game with battling trainers POKEMON
Gnat or brat, for example PEST
Had been informed of KNEW
Hedgehog who collects gold rings SONIC
Hint of hue TINGE
Hot drink that may come with marshmallows COCOA
Invites in from downstairs ASKSUP
Japanese sport SUMO
Joke GAG
Judge’s garment ROBE
Leg part KNEE
Like spanakopita GREEK
Luxury sunglasses brand RAYBAN
Magazine with an annual music festival ESSENCE
Many a book club selection NOVEL
Move carefully EASE
Next in line HEIR
Nine-digit ID SSN
Noncommittal response IMAY
Number after dos TRES
One of 15 in this puzzle ROW
One of the senses TASTE
Part of a blind SLAT
Pay close attention to HEED
Politician Haaland DEB
Programmer’s activity CODING
Quite a distance AFAR
Roastmaster, for one EMCEE
Shaving tool RAZOR
Slight advantage EDGE
Small songbird LARK
Snail’s relatives SLUGS
Soothing gel source ALOE
Source of danger HAZARD
Student’s stat GPA
Taboos NONOS
They go with chips DIPS
Use ASL, say SIGN
Veep’s boss PREZ
Wintertime transport SLED
Word after ‘cash’ or ‘bumper’ CROP
Zero NIL
___ for the ride ALONG
___ out (barely gets) EKES