USA Today – Apr 21 2018

Clues Answers
‘Encore,’ literally AGAIN
‘Geaux Tigers!’ sch LSU
‘Grace Before Meat’ essayist ELIA
‘Just me, ___ and I’ MYSELF
‘Mila 18’ author URIS
‘The ___ Kid’ (classic oater) CISCO
‘Unhand me!’ LETGO
All minigolf shots PUTTS
Analyze, as a sentence PARSE
Animal on a cigarette pack CAMEL
Apartment dweller, often LESSEE
Arrange a blind date for SETUP
Atkins nicknamed ‘Mister Guitar’ CHET
Bouncing off the walls HYPER
Boxcar rider of yore HOBO
Bratty neighbor of Dagwood ELMO
Brushoff to a solicitor IGAVE
Citi Field team METS
Cleveland Indians, in headlines TRIBE
Company with a homophonic animal logo DEERE
Confession list SINS
Conrad’s ‘___ Jim’ LORD
DeMille movie genre EPIC
Devil-may-care RAKISH
Dissenting vote NAY
Dracula avoided it SUN
Empanada, e.g MEATPIE
Favorite hangouts HAUNTS
File crossers, on a chessboard RANKS
Fitness tracker unit STEP
Gadget with an iron rooster VANE
Game in which participants become airborne BLANKETTOSS
Gift-wrapping time, often EVE
Goodie from Linz TORTE
Grace ender AMEN
Harassed relentlessly HOUNDED
Home of football’s Niners FRISCO
Home to koi POND
Hong Kong harbor craft CHINESEJUNK
Clues Answers
How some dares are performed ONABET
Instrument accompanied by a tabla SITAR
Insults, slangily DISSES
Jared of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ LETO
Jobs for jazzmen GIGS
Line in gorgonzola cheese VEIN
Longtime TV talk host Phil DONAHUE
Many a Greenlander INUIT
Mineral that makes Mars look red IRON
Mitch Miller’s instrument OBOE
Native American casino locale (Abbr.) RES
Oater sound effect CLOP
Ogden or Orem native UTAHN
On a road trip AWAY
Op ___ (footnote abbr.) CIT
Origin of Hammett’s falcon MALTA
Patronize Amazon SHOP
Play, as records SPIN
Porker’s fare SLOP
Prefix with dollars or trash EURO
Primer pooch SPOT
Printout of a monitor’s contents SCREENDUMP
Quick to catch on APT
Rio dance SAMBA
Ryan of ‘Body of Proof’ JERI
Seconded, as an opinion ECHOED
Signing ceremony souvenirs PENS
Soft & ___ (antiperspirant brand) DRI
Sources of online help TECHS
Specialized market NICHE
Spiel at a used car lot SALESPITCH
The Drifters’ ‘___ the Roof’ UPON
They’re broken by shootouts TIES
Watergate tape problem GAP
West Coast wine valley NAPA
What’s typical NORM
Wilson of ‘Cars’ movies OWEN
Word before serif or souci SANS
___ buco (veal dish) OSSO

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