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USA Today – Apr 21 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Becoming’ author Michelle OBAMA
‘Building’ disconnected from the real world IVORYTOWER
‘Downton Abbey’ worker MAID
‘It’s ___-win situation!’ ANO
‘Look ___ this way . . .’ ATIT
‘My bowl is empty,’ perhaps MEOW
‘No ___!’ (‘Don’t mention it!’) PROB
‘Now That the Buffalo’s Gone’ singer Buffy Sainte-___ MARIE
‘The Bold Type’ star Aisha DEE
‘What ___ is new?’ ELSE
Alert color RED
Alma ___ MATER
Barbecue joint side SLAW
Bouncing sound ECHO
Brazilian city, for short RIO
Bread for a reuben RYE
Burrowing critter of the plains PRAIRIEDOG
Buster’s partner DAVE
Butterfly relative MOTH
Came up AROSE
Canuck, the knife-stealing icon of Vancouver, for one CROW
Casino game CRAPS
Cream cheese option CHIVE
Cricket field shape OVAL
Crystal ball user SEER
Cuatro doubled OCHO
Electrically flexible ACDC
Evasive language WEASELWORDS
Fruit cocktail ingredient PEAR
Fundamental nature ESSENCE
Furniture chain that sells mustard IKEA
Gives in to gravity SAGS
Handout at a school play PROGRAM
It’s drawn for lab tests BLOOD
Jazz legend Armstrong LOUIS
Kanga’s son in ‘Christopher Robin’ ROO
Like a parka HOODED
Lima’s state OHIO
Long-handled tools RAKES
Make a trade SWAP
Meal starters, for short APPS
Meaning of X, sometimes KISS
Midmonth day, in ancient Rome IDES
Model Jordyn WOODS
Move slowly CREEP
Moved quickly SPED
Moves slowly SEEPS
Network with an eye logo CBS
Night before EVE
Not as frequently LESS
Not bold MEEK
Not departing on time DELAYED
Numerical comparison RATIO
Numerical range SCALE
Parking place LOT
Person who acts superior SNOB
Pick up on PERCEIVE
Place for bronze medalists THIRD
Possess HAVE
Russo who played Frigga in ‘Thor’ RENE
Severe STERN
Six-ball sets, in cricket OVERS
Some sunglasses CLIPONS
Sound-boosting device AMP
Source of aggravation PETPEEVE
Sown things SEEDS
Spanish for ‘bull’ TORO
Stage signals CUES
Tapered fold in a skirt DART
The Funk Brothers, e.g BACKINGBAND
They may be cloudy or sunny SKIES
Three squared NINE
Tights material LYCRA
Tooth covering ENAMEL
Tree part LIMB
Vice ___ VERSA
Word after ‘stage’ or ‘screen’ DOOR
___ acids AMINO