USA Today – Apr 22 2018

Clues Answers
‘My People’ author Abba EBAN
‘There’s gold in them ___ hills!’ THAR
1959 Johnny Mathis hit MISTY
Annual Topps offering BASEBALLCARDSET
Asian nation suffix STAN
Avoid answering directly EVADE
Bill-blocking votes NAYS
Bird with complex songs WREN
Catch in a web ENSNARE
Checks out LOOKSAT
Chemically unreactive INERT
Coat with BBQ rub, e.g SEASON
Cocktail hour bowlful NUTS
Come back, as a dream RECUR
Common fuel in rural Ireland PEAT
Connery of 007 movies SEAN
Cook in a basket, maybe FRY
Crinkly green of the mustard family KALE
Desmond Morris’ ‘The Naked ___’ APE
Fastened, as boxing gloves LACED
Felt nostalgic PINED
Fleet-footed avian EMU
Garage sale caveat ASIS
H-shaped letter ETA
Herb in sausage SAGE
How Cro-Magnons stood ERECT
ILX and TLX automaker ACURA
In the dark, so to speak LOST
Inner self, to Jung ANIMA
Irish fiddler’s tune REEL
John who explored the Arctic RAE
Kilt feature PLEAT
Like Annie Oakley’s aim TRUE
Like Darth Vader EVIL
Like most rural roads TWOLANE
Like the CD, vis-a-vis the LP NEWER
Long-lasting salon ‘do PERM
Low, sturdy cart DRAY
Madison Ave. suffix WISE
Clues Answers
Maker of Regenerist skin products OLAY
Many booster club members, for short ALUMS
Marathon runner’s statistic PACE
Microwave accessory TIMER
Military dump contents AMMO
Monarchy bordering Yemen OMAN
Ms. Krabappel on ‘The Simpsons’ EDNA
Noodles in budget meals RAMEN
Once-seedy section of Manhattan BOWERY
One inspired by Erato POET
One of Jeb Stuart’s men REB
Organ transplant requirement SUCCESSFULMATCH
Pack in the overhead STOW
Perino of Fox News DANA
Prominent parts of an Obama caricature EARS
Replies on board AYES
Result of overexertion, often ACHE
Rummy cake BABA
San ___ (Riviera city) REMO
Spy vs. spy situation CATANDMOUSEGAME
Still in contention ALIVE
Still-buggy software version, often BETA
Swap shop proprietor TRADER
Televiser of PBA events ESPN
Termite-resistant wood TEAK
Texas hold ’em stake ANTE
The Auld Sod, to poets ERIN
Times to call, in ads EVES
Took the first step BEGAN
Trump ex Maples MARLA
Vacation spot west of Curacao ARUBA
Vodka brand that sounds like a toast SKOL
Waikiki greeting ALOHA
When mammoths roamed ICEAGE
Where Farsi is spoken IRAN
Word after red or AMBER ALERT
___ pop (much of Paramore’s music) EMO
___-Monkeys (aquarium pets) SEA

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