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USA Today – Apr 22 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Atonement’ star Knightley KEIRA
‘Here for It’ author R. ___ Thomas ERIC
‘House,’ in Spanish CASA
‘In other news,’ for one SEGUE
‘Mi amor,’ in English MYLOVE
‘No sweat!’ EASY
‘Portrait of a ___ on Fire’ LADY
‘Sad to say . . .’ ALAS
‘Specifically . . .’ TOWIT
‘What Happened, Miss Simone?’ name NINA
Actress Tara REID
Between sm. and lg MED
Birthplace of hip-hop BRONX
Bottle stopper CORK
Bowls over AWES
Bring under control REININ
Building super’s item MASTERKEY
Carpet layer’s measurement AREA
Circus safety items NETS
Colorful wrap SERAPE
Connect the ___ DOTS
Cow’s chew CUD
Defiant phrase MAKEME
Disinfectant spray’s target GERM
Doorstep coverings MATS
Dorm supervisors RAS
El Salvador’s region CENTRALAMERICA
Evil character in a soap opera, often TWIN
Fish in ‘Finding Dory’ NEMO
Flamenco shout OLE
Footwear brand AVIA
Gender pay ___ GAP
Guitarist’s tool PICK
Handouts at sign-in desks NAMETAGS
Have a fistfight DUKEITOUT
Heroic tale SAGA
Levels off PLATEAUS
Low-___ diet CARB
Lucy Diggs Slowe served as one at Howard University DEAN
Model Harvey LORI
Much-worshipped celebrity IDOL
Not married UNWED
One translation of the Hungarian word ‘korte’ (another being ‘lightbulb’) PEAR
Overhasty RASH
Painter Holloman LAUREL
Paris transit system METRO
Passed-down tales LORE
Pizzeria fixtures OVENS
Prefix for ‘sound’ or ‘marathon’ ULTRA
Proverbially 49-Across dessert PIE
Put in the microwave, say REHEAT
Racing venue TRACK
Reward poster subjects, perhaps LOSTPETS
Rolling in dough RICH
Rotten to the core EVIL
Show off some pipes SING
Sister brand of Miracle-Gro ORTHO
Sister brand of Nilla OREO
Smallest unit of matter ATOM
Solo for Cecilia Bartoli ARIA
Someone who’s doomed GONER
Successor HEIR
Surrender CEDE
Title for Emma Thompson DAME
Toss in chips before the deal ANTE
Tried to suppress SATON
Trudge PLOD
Tzatziki herb MINT, DILL
Wasps’ abode NEST
What two halves make ONE
Wheel bar AXLE
Where you might be greeted with ‘Siyo!’ CHEROKEENATION
___ mater ALMA
___-mo SLO