USA Today – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘Hands off!’ LETMEGO
‘i.e.’ spelled out IDEST
‘Peachy keen!’ NEATO
‘Then again . . .’ YET
14-Across, to a Brit DAFT
A sloop has one MAST
Academic’s email suffix EDU
Advice maven Landers ANN
Allure of brewing coffee AROMA
App image ICON
Arborist’s concern TREE
Baby grand’s smaller cousin UPRIGHTPIANO
Basis of much foam rubber LATEX
Bath salt scent LILAC
Black Beauty, as a youngster COLT
Bonsai and ballet, for two ARTS
Brand name, usually PROPERNOUN
British frigate of old MANOFWAR
Brought to ruin UNDID
Calligraphers’ tools PENS
Carried, as by wind BORNE
Cohort of Elena and Sonia RUTH
Computer hacker’s booty DATA
Convincing liar’s expression STRAIGHTFACE
Date source PALM
Deli slicer option THIN
Deschanel of ‘New Girl’ ZOOEY
Do the bidding of OBEY
Does a gallery job HANGS
Easter hunt finds EGGS
Enjoyed a smorgasbord ATE
Fair compensation DECENTWAGE
Flashlight output BEAM
Gaze at rudely OGLE
Give a binky to, say PACIFY
Grain on Wisconsin’s state quarter CORN
Ham and Swiss option RYE
Improves in a cask, say AGES
In days past AGO
Clues Answers
In need of guidance LOST
In the midst of a hot streak ONFIRE
Inherited unit GENE
Karan of fashion DONNA
Kegger venue, for short FRAT
Lengthy recitation LITANY
Like Mantle rookie cards RARE
Like many a wine barrel OAKEN
Looks forward to EXPECTS
Lusterless finish MATTE
Lustful goat-man of myth FAUN
Make a target of AIMAT
Memorizer of lines ACTOR
Not hoodwinked by ONTO
Nutty as a fruitcake LOOPY
Pajamas half TOP
Place for knickknacks ETAGERE
Plays for a patsy USES
Q’s point value, in Scrabble TEN
Rack one’s brains AGONIZE
Railroad crossing sound TOOT
Refuse to grant DENY
Result of some treaties PEACE
Siding with the nays OPPOSING
Soprano’s highlight ARIA
Sticky item in an office NOTE
Structure that may form a 55-Down DAM
Stuff in spiked hair GEL
Surrounded by attackers BESET
Tepee’s door FLAP
Time suggested by a period piece ERA
Top-of-the-line FINEST
Turn informer against RATON
Water skiing locale LAKE
Where the heart is, it’s said HOME
Winter 2018 outbreak FLU
Word with permanent or printing PRESS
World Cup highlights GOALS

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