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USA Today – Apr 23 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Are You There God? ___, Margaret’ ITSME
‘Check ___ Juliet’ (We the Kings song) YES
‘Come again?’ HUH
‘I need it urgently!’ ASAP
‘Locke & ___’ KEY
‘Nae’ sayer SCOT
‘So close!’ ALMOST
‘The Sopranos’ star Edie FALCO
*Contempt SCORN
*Draw a draft of SKETCHUP
*Green goo at the Kids’ Choice Awards SLIME
*Hybrid utensil SPORK
*Intelligence gatherers SPIES
*Like smooth, glossy hair SLEEK
*Long weapon SPEAR
*Move quickly SCURRY
*Playground fixtures SWINGS
*Surveillance session STAKEOUT
Actress Gilbert SARA
Actress Rosamund PIKE
Adhesive sold in sticks GLUE
Ancient Celtic priest DRUID
And so on, for short ETC
As ___ as a fox SLY
Based ___ true story ONA
Biblical garden EDEN
Bon Appetit chef Brad LEONE
Burning Man rentals RVS
Common batteries AAS
Consonant’s opposite VOWEL
Consumer of both plant and animal matter OMNIVORE
Counterpart of the Grammys, for short AMAS
Emotional turmoil ANGST
Enjoy the sun BASK
Exacts retribution for AVENGES
Fictional orphan on Prince Edward Island ANNE
Firmly embedded ROOTED
Flower whose name comes from the French for ‘thought’ PANSY
Friend with soft fur, often PET
Go off course STRAY
Golf org LPGA
Hawkeye State resident IOWAN
Hazard RISK
Headwear for ‘Toddlers’ in a TLC reality show TIARAS
Inspiration for a spotted print LEOPARD
Knitting project SCARF
Like some highway lanes TOLLED
Lure in ENTICE
Make fun of TEASE
Message to employees MEMO
Not wordy TERSE
Onstage hosts EMCEES
Payment for legal services FEE
Peaceful SERENE
Person in an ambulance, for short EMT
Place for a chicken HENHOUSE
Place for a dog KENNEL
Put in a protective cover SHEATHE
Rapinoe’s team, on scoreboards USA
Resume initials MBA, GED
Sang forcefully BELTED
Seasides SHORES
See eye to eye AGREE
Six-pack muscles ABS
Substances that may be semipermanent DYES
Suffix for an estimate ISH
Suspicious LEERY
Sweet liquid NECTAR
Tailless primates APES
Tax org IRS
Ungenuine ‘friends’ FAKES
What a malfunctioning robot might say ERROR
Word after ‘park’ or ‘Power’ RANGER
___ Angeles LOS
___ off (separated with a cord) ROPED