USA Today – Apr 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Burned’ music holders CDS
‘Hold your horses,’ e.g IDIOM
‘I dunno’ gesture SHRUG
‘If I ___, I sits’ (rhyming cat meme) FITS
‘Mother to ___’ (Langston Hughes poem) SON
‘That Girl’ actress Thomas MARLO
‘Wheat Capital’ of Oklahoma ENID
‘You’ve got that right!’ AMEN
‘___ funny or weird funny?’ HAHA
67-Down sequence GENE
All done OVER
Aloo matar veggies PEAS
At any point EVER
Ballet dancer Austin DEBRA
Bay Area airport (Abbr.) SFO
Bear’s lair DEN
Biblical garden EDEN
Biked, say RODE
Board game token PIECE
Box office dud FLOP
Call into question DOUBT
Changes the color of DYES
Class with a downward dog pose YOGA
Common storage space ATTIC
Cuts into cubes DICESUP
Disneyland vehicle TRAM
Double-stranded molecule DNA
Drives away with a squeal BURNSRUBBER
Elm or oak, e.g TREE
EPA Administrator Michael REGAN
Fashion designer Kamali NORMA
Faucet annoyance DRIP
Fit for a king REGAL
Five-star review RAVE
Forward-thinking AHEADOFTHECURVE
Game of Life vehicle CAR
Garden pests APHIDS
Had some pad thai ATE
Hide in a secret spot STASH
Hopsital scans MRIS
Huge amount TON
Kraft American singles, e.g PROCESSEDCHEESE
Lake home to Middle Bass Island ERIE
Long story SAGA
Lydic of ‘The Daily Show’ DESI
Middle part of the body TORSO
Name hidden in ‘royal flush’ ALF
Nimble SPRY
Oink-filled enclosure STY
Overhaul REDO
Pebble-shaped fruity candy NERDS
Powerpuff Girls, for one TRIO
Queen’s domain REALM
Refuse to admit DENY
Religion with Five Pillars ISLAM
Room refresher COATOFPAINT
Sacred 64-Across in Ancient Egypt IBIS
Secondhand USED
Sherlock Holmes’ sleuthing teen sister ENOLA
Simple nose ring STUD
Small bits of food MORSELS
Smooch, in Britain SNOG
Solo for Renee Fleming ARIA
Sound-off button MUTE
Spreadsheet contents DATA
Stepped TROD
Stopped to think for a sec PAUSED
Subculture known for wearing black GOTH
SUNY’s URL ending EDU
Superhero with a hammer THOR
Take a left, say TURN
Transparent SHEER
Trig ratio SINE
Trips around the sun YEARS
Twitter’s logo BIRD
Wander ROVE
Word after ‘bee’ or before ‘mind’ HIVE
Yahtzee cube DIE
___ Lodge (motel chain) ECONO
___ the truth (fibs) BENDS

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