USA Today – Apr 24 2018

Clues Answers
‘Camptown Races’ evasive maneuver? BOBTAILZAG
‘Darn tootin” YEP
‘Hate to say this . . .’ IFEAR
‘I ___ thought of that’ HADNT
‘I’ve heard plenty!’ to texters TMI
‘The Elder’ of old Rome CATO
‘___ mention it!’ DONT
Alluring woman of myth SIREN
Alternative to ‘sweetie’ or ‘hon’ DOLL
Americano con ___ (Starbucks offering) CREMA
Amherst school, informally UMASS
Angle symbols, in trigonometry THETAS
Any MLB player PRO
ATF agents, e.g FEDS
Avian source of therapeutic oil EMU
Billy club, e.g CUDGEL
Caller ID datum NAME
Carrier to the Holy Land ELAL
Cellphone plan figures RATES
Chaotic scene ZOO
Cheer for Real Madrid OLE
Chewy, colorful candy GUMDROP
Citrus flavoring for a wasp? HORNETSZEST
Classic brand of bananas CHIQUITA
Closest pal, in texts BFF
Covers, as a rural driveway GRAVELS
CPO’s service branch USN
Creator of Pooh and Roo MILNE
Customs duty, e.g IMPOST
Do a yoga mantra, e.g CHANT
Doctor recommending another, say REFERRER
Dog-bugging bug FLEA
Excedrin target ACHE
Frat boys, informally BROS
Guesstimate word ABOUT
Hair covering in the food industry SNOOD
Hurley of ‘The Royals’ LIZ
Hush-hush ONTHEQT
Inept Roman ruler? EMPERORZERO
Clues Answers
Jam-packs FILLS
Jeter’s manager for 12 seasons TORRE
King when Jesus was born HEROD
Last Oldsmobile built ALERO
Lead-in to centric or maniac EGO
Lighthearted energy? PLAYFULZIP
Longest of the Florida Keys LARGO
Looney Tunes ‘devil,’ for short TAZ
Marveled at a circus act, perhaps OOHED
Music genre for Brand New EMO
Nonspecific quantity ANY
Pageant entrant’s 6-Down POISE
Partners’ pronoun OURS
Patronized Lyft, say RODE
Pitched quarters TENT
Place to sack out BED
Poet’s preposition ERE
Pothook shape ESS
Really, really tiny ITTY
Samantha of ‘Full Frontal’ BEE
Set limits on RESTRICT
Soft drink brand that sounds like a long sock NEHI
Sources of metals ORES
Spiral-cut meats HAMS
Springsteen, to fans THEBOSS
Steeplechase competitor HORSEMAN
Suggested subtly GOTAT
Takeoff stat ETD
Teen’s infatuation CRUSH
To any degree ATALL
Totally smitten INLOVE
Twist out of shape GNARL
Useful talent ASSET
Valet’s workplace LOT
Vox editor at large Klein EZRA
Wince or blink, perhaps REACT
Winter Olympics powerhouse (Abbr.) NOR
Wood used in shingles CEDAR
Wraps up ENDS

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