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USA Today – Apr 24 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Ba-dum-tss!’ HIYO
‘Much ___ About Nothing’ ADO
‘My ___ Amour’ CHERIE
‘Roses ___ red . . .’ ARE
‘The Piano’ actress ANNAPAQUIN
‘___ Not There’ (Zombies song) SHES
Alma mater of Shonda Rhimes USC
Amount of cash or gum WAD
Bach composition FUGUE
Baecation destination BEACH
Believability, for short CRED
Beyonce album released when she turned 25 BDAY
Big brother on ‘Boy Meets World’ ERIC
Bone-related prefix OSTEO
California wine tour hub NAPAVALLEY
Crunchy cookie GINGERSNAP
Draped garment SARI
Dyeing vessel VAT
E, on a fuel gauge EMPTY
Ensnare TRAP
Family-friendly ALLAGES
Fan seating STANDS
Fish with poisonous blood EEL
Forbidden fruit’s place EDEN
Golf org PGA
Got up AROSE
Guitar maker ___ Paul LES
Having fun ATPLAY
Hospital procedure XRAY
Hospital procedures MRIS
Host family’s helper AUPAIR
Huge city in India DELHI
Ignited again RELIT
Indonesian island, or a bra brand BALI
It might be uncut GEM
Jolly Rancher flavor GREENAPPLE
Lab burner namesake BUNSEN
Lamb’s sound BAA
Lets up ABATES
Like slanted type ITALIC
Like this: 🙁 SAD
List of topics AGENDA
Make less difficult EASE
Metaphor for an aftereffect RIPPLE
Newspaper tribute, for short OBIT
Nkrumah’s country GHANA
Part of a min SEC
Part with CEDE
Performing in a series of locations ONTOUR
Place for a nap BED
Producers of tiny spotted eggs QUAILS
Prohibitive phrase MUSTNOT
Proposal ratified by Va. in 2020 ERA
Publicize PLUG
Restaurant handout MENU
Revise EDIT
Reward for sitting and speaking TREAT
School org. that might observe Day of Silence GSA
Season associated with a log YULE
Selected passage EXCERPT
Shipwreck-finding tech SONAR
Side-___ EYE
Singer who judges ‘World of Dance’ NEYO
Slot in prime time NINEPM
Start of a counting rhyme EENY
Stat on a medicine label DOSE
Tech for ‘Cats’ or ‘Cars’ CGI
Test hidden in ‘degree’ GRE
Thieving fox on ‘Dora the Explorer’ SWIPER
Thin cracker SALTINE
Train sched. listing ETD
Tree with needles FIR
Waffle brand EGGO
Welcomes through the door SEESIN
Word after ‘morning’ or ‘crowning’ GLORY
___ a one (none) NARY