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USA Today – Apr 25 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘. . . more or less’ ISH
‘Basketball Wives’ star Shaunie ONEAL
‘Fiddler on the Roof’ is set in one SHTETL
‘No ___ done’ HARM
‘One, the other . . . it’s all good’ EITHEROR
‘Present!’ HERE
‘Right this second!’ NOW
‘Shrill’ star Bryant AIDY
‘That is to say . . .’ IMEAN
‘Whoomp! (___ It Is)’ THERE
‘___ Miz’ LES
73-Across material ORE
Angelou compositions POEMS
Apt rhyme for ‘float’ BOAT
Banking convenience ATM
Bar mitzvah figure RABBI
Big name in farm equipment DEERE
Bottle topper CAP
Burden ONUS
Button material MOTHEROFPEARL
Casual shirt TEE
Chef’s special, e.g DISH
Commotion ADO
Cooks with radiant heat BROILS
Deli bread choice RYE
Do a palms-up dance move RAISETHEROOF
Escort through the exit USHEROUT
Exploit USE
Famous ___ cookies AMOS
Fastener tightened by rotating SCREW
Fictional honey-loving bear POOH
Floor washer MOP
Give five stars to, say RATE
Gold and silver, but not bronze ELEMENTS
Golf course number PAR
Got together MET
Grad student’s email ending EDU
Hair on a lid LASH
Karate kid who said ‘I hate it here’ DRE
Like 911, and each of its digits ODD
Like a lifeless landscape BARREN
Like some communities GATED
Lilongwe’s country MALAWI
Marshy spot BOG
Mine vein LODE
Modify EDIT
Museum worker CURATOR
Newspaper ad supplement INSERT
Nickname for the singer of ‘Umbrella’ RIH
Opera highlight ARIA
Otherwise ELSE
Palindromic sib SIS
Past one’s prime WASHEDUP
Pedicure place SPA
Pineapple’s pizza partner HAM
Popped up AROSE
Prefix for ‘respect’ DIS
Provide pain relief SOOTHE
Quartet minus one TRIO
Research location LAB
Roll out UNFURL
Rush hour issue TRAFFIC
Scan in a tube MRI
Sign up for classes ENROLL
Singer India.___ ARIE
Single-stranded molecule RNA
Slog through a 5-Across, say WADE
Some sheep EWES
Sporting venues ARENAS
Storm’s shorefront effect, perhaps BEACHEROSION
Strongboxes SAFES
The way things are now ASITIS
Upper-left key ESC
Very lopsided ballgame ROUT
Voice in Apple products SIRI
___ Grande RIO
___ Nevada mountains SIERRA