USA Today – Apr 26 2018

Clues Answers
‘. . . but few ___ chosen’ ARE
‘But then again . . .’ YET
‘Hansel and Gretel’ prop OVEN
‘No use talking about it!’ SAVEYOURBREATH
‘Stay with it!’ KEEPONTRUCKING
‘We’ll discuss it later’ HOLDTHATTHOUGHT
Abates, as a tide EBBS
All the world’s people HUMANITY
Any of three on a 3-D graph AXIS
Baseball scoreboard figure OUTS
Beehive State native UTE
Bikeway or walkway PATH
Bill not depicting a president TEN
Billy Blanks fitness program TAEBO
Break one’s back, so to speak TOIL
Butane and methane, for two GASES
Church center NAVE
Co. with brown trucks UPS
Contract adverb HERETO
Cosby of ‘Inside Edition’ RITA
Czech or Slovak SLAV
Dimwitted dog of comics ODIE
Diva’s highlight ARIA
Early Oscar winner Jannings EMIL
Entrepreneur-aiding org SBA
Enveloping glows AURAS
Fabric with a repeated pattern TOILE
Family depiction TREE
Field of study AREA
Firethorn berry color RED
First word of ‘Nowhere Man’ HES
Got in on a deal ANTED
Grating to the ear HARSH
Great delight GLEE
Headed for overtime EVEN
Hoity-toity SNOBBISH
Hunk’s physique BOD
Ice dam site EAVE
In a lather RILED
Clues Answers
Instrument with sympathetic strings SITAR
Island near Mull IONA
John who will stop touring in 2021 ELTON
Launderer’s appliance IRON
Let off steam VENT
Live together, informally COHAB
Loggers’ contest ROLEO
Maryland’s ___ David CAMP
Mojito flavoring MINT
Mumbai attire SARI
Muscle near a lat PEC
Napoleon’s fate EXILE
Needing realignment BENT
Often-buggy software releases BETAS
Old radio or TV part KNOB
Pacific root crop TARO
Parti-colored horse ROAN
Patio furniture wood TEAK
Place for flowers BED
Place on a pedestal ADORE
Plant in Mendel’s experiments PEA
Poster material OAKTAG
Roseanne’s surname, again BARR
Snowman’s nose, perhaps CARROT
Steady guy BEAU
Strong desires YENS
Subject of a court bargain PLEA
Survey choice, sometimes OTHER
Taboo for Mrs. Sprat LEAN
Things picked by picky people NITS
Totally out of gas SPENT
Tough nuts to crack POSERS
Valveless horn BUGLE
W.C. Fields persona SOUSE
Went spelunking CAVED
Wielders of blue pencils (Abbr.) EDS
Woodward of Woodward and Bernstein BOB
Wreck beyond repair TOTAL
Young hoodlums PUNKS

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