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USA Today – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Benevolent’ group ELKS
‘Dunkirk’ movie genre WAR
‘Game’ consisting of missed calls TELEPHONETAG
‘Jurassic World’ beasts, informally DINOS
‘Message understood’ IGETYOU
‘Shark Tank’ presentation IDEA
‘That’s a downer’ HOWSAD
‘That’s disgusting!’ UGH
‘What rotten luck!’ DARN
‘Yeah, right’ ASIF
1996 award for the ‘Rent’ ensemble OBIE
Academic year finale, often EXAM
Add to an email ATTACH
Aviation-related prefix AERO
Base fare MESS
Betrayer in scripture JUDAS
Bollywood garments SARIS
Book after 2 Chronicles EZRA
Botanical ‘pet’ CHIA
Carpet installer’s unit SQUAREYARD
Castaway’s home ISLE
Cathedral area with a half-dome, perhaps APSE
Chain that sells furniture and seafood IKEA
Choir selection HYMN
Defaulter’s consequence, for short REPO
Delete with two strokes XOUT
Do a slow burn SEETHE
Driving range barriers NETS
Dropped into the mail SENTOFF
Eagerly anticipated evening out HOTDATE
Eastern Bloc letters until 1991 USSR
Enjoys a Kindle download READS
Exhibit kleptomania STEAL
Far from gentlemanly RUDE
Gas in an atmospheric layer OZONE
Glass ___ (boxer’s liability) JAW
Hockey rink divider REDLINE
Icky stuff GOOP
Impossible to see through OPAQUE
Clues Answers
It’s mostly nitrogen AIR
Its title often includes ‘On’ ODE
Jack-in-the-box topper LID
John Wayne nickname DUKE
Letter-turner of TV VANNAWHITE
Like the Gobi’s climate ARID
Longtime Dodgers manager Tommy LASORDA
Makes null and void NEGATES
Michener’s ‘Alaska’ or ‘Hawaii’ NOVEL
Mineral ground into marbles AGATE
More than just occasionally ALOT
Not awful, but not great OKAY
Official tree of several states OAK
Olive can datum SIZE
One year, for Miss America TERM
Payment for a hand ANTE
Play to the cheap seats EMOTE
Plow designer John DEERE
President with two Grammys OBAMA
Raptor’s gripper TALON
Readies, as a rubber stamp INKS
Rio and Soul automaker KIA
River near the Royal Shakespeare Theatre AVON
Sling mud at ASPERSE
Stage in a video game LEVEL
Sushi roll garnish ROE
Target of Garfield’s torments ODIE
Telecast component AUDIO
Teri of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ GARR
The press is part of it FOURTHESTATE
Toastmaster’s spot DAIS
Tracks in dirt roads RUTS
Unspoken approvals NODS
Venerated villager ELDER
Warmed the bench SAT
Weather map area HIGH
Weather-resistant wood TEAK
Word after no-fly or tow-away ZONE
Worshipped figurine IDOL