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USA Today – Apr 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Chewy Caramels in Milk Chocolate’ ROLO
‘Didn’t wanna hear that’ TMI
‘Gotcha’ YESISEE
‘Lux et Veritas’ Ivy Leaguer ELI
‘Pac-Man’ developer ATARI
‘Six-pack’ muscles ABS
‘The Faerie Queene’ poet SPENSER
‘___ you for real?’ ARE
13th or 15th of the month IDES
Add zip to, with ‘up’ LIVEN
African nation after a freak winter storm? ICEDSOMALIA
Alternative to ‘Yours truly’ ASEVER
Alternative to contacts GLASSES
Animal roped at rodeos STEER
Apple-throwing goddess ERIS
Astrological scales LIBRA
Best possible tile pattern? MOSAICIDEAL
Brief appearances in a Homeric work? ILIADCAMEOS
Brownie camera maker KODAK
Bug big-time IRK
Cause of a traffic tie-up MERGE
Clark Kent’s birth name KALEL
Common source of pressure PEER
Competed like Usain Bolt RAN
Constellation with a feline name LEO
Creator of Holmes and Watson DOYLE
Deliberate loss, in boxing DIVE
Designer’s detail, for short SPEC
Detective Dick TRACY
Early tapes from singer Keys? ALICIADEMOS
Eating or drinking spree BINGE
El ___ (Heston role) CID
Far from lumbering AGILE
Feller’s tool AXE
Fiber from domesticated insects SILK
Flight from justice LAM
Glittery fabrics LAMES
Incoming flight figs ETAS
Clues Answers
Is dependent RELIES
Kilmer who played Batman VAL
Larry Fine was one STOOGE
Left Bank river SEINE
Lessen, as support EBB
Like a pool table, ideally LEVEL
Like pot, in some states LEGAL
Like Senate election years EVEN
Like some grins or winks SLY
Like Superman’s deeds HEROIC
Like surgical tools, hopefully STERILE
Many Keatsian works ODES
Maximum 13-Down bet ALLIN
Mythical predator of elephants ROC
Nerve, slangily MOXIE
One of a Freudian threesome EGO
Part of a living room set DIVAN
Place for recyclables BIN
Political go-between LIAISON
Poster holder TACK
Reduce to tiny bits GRATE
River to the Missouri OSAGE
Roomy Dior creations ALINES
Sandbox toy PAIL
Slow on the uptake DIM
Spew forth EMIT
Stud or draw POKER
Supply-and-demand subj ECON
Tiki bar accessory LEI
Tiny devil IMP
Trapper’s wares HIDES
Vice president after Cheney BIDEN
War zone reporter EMBED
Washroom, briefly LAV
When the Haggadah is read SEDER
Wintertime livestock feed SILAGE
With reckless abandon LIKEMAD
Young Scot LAD
___ Paul (guitar model) LES