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USA Today – Apr 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A ___ bagatelle’ MERE
‘Falstaff’ or ‘Fidelio’ OPERA
‘Shark Tale’ lionfish LOLA
1/640 square mile ACRE
15-Across is a unit of it AREA
2016 movie about a hero pilot SULLY
Acts the shrew NAGS
Alvin of choreography AILEY
ATM opening SLOT
Backyard wedding setup TENT
Bedframe piece SLAT
Big name in light trucks RAMPICKUP
Brought on board HIRED
Brought to a close ENDED
Canal begun in 1859 SUEZ
Cartoon panther color PINK
Caused anger in RANKLED
Cavern phenomenon ECHO
Churchillian or Nixonian gesture VEE
Committee chair’s list AGENDA
Crashing bore DRIP
Creek for which two battles are named BULLRUN
Delegate, as to an underling DEVOLVE
Edmonton skater OILER
Far from slovenly NEAT
Fluff one’s lines, say ERR
Fossil-preserving resin AMBER
G, in a C major scale SOL
Guitar great Campbell GLEN
Hang on a clothesline, say AIROUT
Hatchling’s cry PEEP
Highly reluctant LOATH
Hobby farm denizens ANTS
In the style of ALA
Informal alliance ENTENTE
Joe ___ (liar in old car ads) ISUZU
Land dividing Niagara Falls GOATISLAND
Like some ales PALE
Like the home team, in baseball LASTUP
Clues Answers
Martini garnish OLIVE
Marx at the piano CHICO
Microwave, slangily NUKE
Mixed bag MELANGE
Moved gingerly EASED
Mustangs’ sch SMU
One side of the Berlin Wall EAST
One with a ‘-phobe’ suffix, perhaps HATER
Part of a Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Part of a club set IRON
Peace Nobelist from South Africa TUTU
Performer with a whip LIONTAMER
Plant with sword-shaped leaves IRIS
Porker’s home STY
Poseidon’s domain OCEAN
Pre-Columbian Peruvian INCAN
Prefix meaning ‘billionth’ NANO
Prefix with state or national INTER
Royal Middleton KATE
Share a border with ABUT
Stevenson’s fiendish Mr HYDE
Strings at luaus, for short UKES
Supernova remnant in Taurus CRABNEBULA
Taxi pickup spot CURB
Tempo slower than adagio LENTO
The ‘vey’ of ‘oy vey!’ WOE
The Beatles’ second movie HELP
This AND that BOTH
Thread used in glove making LISLE
Tyson’s 1990 loss to Douglas, e.g UPSET
Unjust accusation BADRAP
Way around London, again TRAM
What a texter’s ‘r’ means ARE
Word before paper or rubber CREPE
Word with a handshake DEAL
Work the bar TEND
Wound with one’s claws MAUL
Young employee in the Senate PAGE