USA Today – Apr 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘i’m begging u’ PLS
‘No idea’ IDUNNO
‘Tag, ___ it!’ YOURE
‘Then again . . .’ YET
‘Thus . . .’ ERGO
‘___ the Yard’ STOMP
Arroz ___ pollo CON
Australian travel hub SYDNEYAIRPORT
Be greedy with HOG
Body part hidden by a blunt bob EAR
Brandon, to Bruce Lee SON
Brew in a tulip glass ALE
Capital home to the Bach Ma Temple HANOI
Cheadle who played Mouse DON
Check-endorsing need PEN
Chemically unreactive INERT
College admissions stat GPA
Corner chess piece ROOK
Does it wrong ERRS
Donut’s middle HOLE
Every last drop ALL
Expel from power OUST
Facial feature that a Lego person lacks NOSE
Felis, for domestic cats GENUS
Firefly or scarab BEETLE
Flash drive letters USB
Foot cream ingredient ALOE
Four-award acronym EGOT
Give off EMIT
Glasgow residents SCOTS
Greek pita wraps GYROS
Homophone of ‘I’ll’ ISLE
Instrument with a double reed OBOE
Interlocked letters on some luxury bags YSL
Letters before a pseudonym AKA
List of unadvertised restaurant items SECRETMENU
Livers and lungs, for example ORGANS
Long steps STRIDES
Loosen, like a knot UNDO
Ma’amoul filling DATEPASTE
Make a decision OPT
Mesa Verde National Park sight CANYON
Minor squabble SPAT
Misplaces LOSES
Molecule researched by Marie Maynard Daly DNA
Nervous ONEDGE
Opposite of discarded KEPT
Person discussing the Whitecaps or Blue Jackets HOCKEYANALYST
Place to get a hot stone massage SPA
Places SITES
Provides funds for ENDOWS
Rideshare alternative CAB
Sailing vessels BOATS
Scrapbook adhesive GLUE
Seance invitee SPIRIT
Sightseeing trips TOURS
Snake with a king variety COBRA
Some researchers POSTDOCS
Some timeshares CONDOS
Spy org. in ‘The Man Who Cried I Am’ CIA
Strings on skates LACES
Summertime top TEE
Super Mario Bros. console NES
Surface for skiing SNOW
Surgeons’ workspaces, for short ORS
There’s one of Kamehameha the Great in front of Ali’iolani Hale STATUE
Throw gently TOSS
Tool for vaulting POLE
Trail the pack LAG
Unable to decide TORN
Very sharp KEEN
Weird ODD
Without assistance ALONE
___ kebab SHISH
___ New Year LUNAR
___ sci (college major) POLI

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