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USA Today – Apr 30 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Feat accomplished!’ TADA
‘Getting a Grip’ memoirist Monica SELES
‘II’ movies SEQUELS
‘M*A*S*H’ extras GIS
‘Ocean’s Eleven’ city, briefly VEGAS
Adopt-a-thon sites SHELTERS
As well TOO
Awaits orders STANDSBY
Beast in a primate house APE
Blogger’s ‘I believe’ IMO
Carry with effort LUG
Chances to hit ATBATS
Chick hatcher HEN
Commuter’s headache JAM
Cut off from escape HEMIN
Delivers a la Hulu STREAMS
Earthen brick ADOBE
Element in some detergents BORON
Elizabeth of cosmetics ARDEN
Enthusiastic reply to ‘Wanna?’ DOI
Faithless one ATHEIST
Faun’s pair, or fawn’s four LEGS
Gain or Tide competitor ERA
Gain or Tide competitor ALL
Gave one’s word ASSURED
Glacial in movement SLOW
Good soil for gardens LOAM
Great Flood vessel ARK
Groundskeepers’ machines MOWERS
Gulps down in seconds CHUGS
Halloween dance, perhaps MASKEDBALL
Her debut album was ’19’ ADELE
Home to most humans ASIA
Ice, vis-a-vis water SOLIDSTATE
In solitary ALONE
Leotard line SEAM
Like a program-crashing error FATAL
Like rock’s U2 IRISH
Locked horns HADATIT
Clues Answers
Make more stylish SMARTEN
Mardi Gras necklace part BEAD
Mustachioed Soviet leader STALIN
Neutrino’s place ATOM
Not in fine fettle ILL
Old woman’s home of rhyme SHOE
One hatching a plot SCHEMER
Paired like a plow team YOKED
Promotional links TIEINS
Propel with a peashooter BLOW
Refused to heed IGNORED
Reporter’s non-W question HOW
Road trip stopover INN
Say 33-Across, say ASK
Seats with hymnals PEWS
See 65-Across ORE
Sharpened, as a skill HONED
Shrimp size JUMBO
Spill the beans TELL
Split to hitch ELOPE
Take a taste of SIP
Take the podium ORATE
Talk radio fodder NEWS
Talon’s place TOE
Theater preview FILMTRAILER
This clue, to this puzzle END
Threw in the towel QUIT
Time-wasting bother ADO
Tom’s Oscar-winning role of 1994 FORREST
Took back, as a title REWON
Travel aimlessly, with ‘about’ GAD
Vigor’s mate VIM
Whimpers like a kitten MEWLS
With 59-Down, steel mill shipment IRON
Word after blind or bright SIDE
Word after em or en DASH
Word to a poser SMILE
Worship from ___ AFAR