USA Today – Apr 4 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Apr 4 2018 Wednesday 

Clues Answers
“Game of Thrones” has won 38 to date EMMYS
2017 honor for Matthew Broderick OBIE
Afghanistan’s capital KABUL
Antlered bugler ELK
Arcade machine inputs, once PENNIES
Batting practice enclosures CAGES
Beauty, in a simple way ELEGANCE
Boombox component RADIO
Breaker of writer’s block IDEA
Bunyan’s bovine friend BABE
Cause of a red face, perhaps IRE
Circumference segment ARC
Comic Con setup BOOTH
Competed in ice dancing SKATED
Decisive victory for Rocky KAYO
Do more than just ask URGE
Doesn’t stand erect LEANS
Dubbed gentlemen SIRS
DVR pioneer TIVO
Far from clumsy AGILE
Fluffy lap dog, for short POM
France with a 1921 Nobel ANATOLE
Friend of Aramis and Porthos ATHOS
Fruit picker in Genesis EVE
Get out of the sack ARISE
Gilbert and Sullivan specialty LIGHT OPERA
Go soft, in a way MELT
iDevice downloads APPS
Instrument in much Hawaiian music STEEL GUITAR
Invoice phrase BALANCEDUE
Like all Scotch whisky AGED
Like an Amazon FEMALE
Like fertile soil LOAMY
Like many Pacific Rim lands ASIAN
Literary Lorna DOONE
Mineral in hemoglobin IRON
Moviedom’s Woody or Chucky DOLL
Musk of SpaceX ELON
Nabisco’s flagship brand OREO
Original NATO member USA
Passage for exhaust gases FLUE
Past the “sell-by” date, perhapsend BAD
Pinkett Smith of “Ali” JADA
Place, as a point on a graph PLOT
Plugging away ATIT
Postponement, as of a decision DEFERRAL
Pre-Christmas mailing CARD
Quote on RATE
Revealing skirt feature SLIT
Room painter’s estimate AREA
Scorch on a grill SEAR
See 41-Down ALDA
Sharpshooter’s aid SCOPE
Shoe brand named for a cat PUMA
Simba’s mate NALA
Small house with a porch, typically BUNGALOW
Smile (and a word that can follow the first parts of 21- and 49-Across and 3- and 29-Down) BEAM
Snobbish sorts SNOOTS
Some pottery class projects URNS
Stake that can be upped ANTE
Surface quickly, like a cork BOBUP
Take to the cleaners, so to speak BILK
Takes the plunge WEDS
They’re laid in shipyards KEELS
Tomato used in sauces ROMA
Troubled incessantly ATEAT
Twenty percent ONEFIFTH
Typeface subsection FONT
Val Kilmer’s role in “The Doors” JIM MORRISON
Viva voce ORAL
When nine-to-fivers work DAYS
Where Stanley sought Livingstone AFRICA
With 36-Across, “Bridge of Spies” actor ALAN
Word after labor or life FORCE
Word on a fire alarm PULL

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