USA Today – Apr 5 2018

Clues Answers
‘Ain’t,’ properly ARENT
‘Camelot’ lyricist Alan Jay ___ LERNER
‘Jo’s Boys’ novelist ALCOTT
‘My word!’ ISAY
‘Toodle-oo!’ TATA
21-Across offerings SODAS
Add pounds to purposely FATTENUP
Angler’s weapon? FISHINGROD
Astronaut’s weapon? SPACEHEATER
Boiling-mad feeling IRE
Bound, at a rodeo HOGTIED
Boxing great Holyfield EVANDER
Cleans up, in a way EDITS
Coal miner PITMAN
Common pledge drive gift TOTE
Cookie in some Jell-O pudding OREO
Corolla automaker TOYOTA
Curator’s weapon? MUSEUMPIECE
Dandy dresser FOP
Direction in a Steinbeck title EAST
Fertility clinic cells OVA
Flies off the handle RAGES
Frozen food or dairy area AISLE
Geek Squad customer USER
Hangout for Archie and Jughead MALTSHOP
Happy hour time, commonly FIVEPM
Hardly pleased with MADAT
Heavenly hunter ORION
Horticulturist’s weapon? GARDENTOOL
Hula dancers’ swivelers HIPS
Immigrant’s subj ESL
In itself PERSE
Jodie Foster title role NELL
Knee-length garment of old Rome TUNIC
Launcher of clay pigeons TRAP
Like many a pro wrestler’s outfit ORNATE
Live’s partner, in a saying LEARN
Clues Answers
Make certain SEETOIT
Misandrists and misogynists HATERS
Monarchs’ decrees EDICTS
Monopoly purchase HOTEL
Old enough OFAGE
One of ‘them’ FOE
Parker and Waterman PENS
Peaceful protests SITINS
Place to hang Christmas lights EAVE
Played out TRITE
Portfolio holding, briefly IRA
Practice with 48-Across, say SPAR
Prefix with physics or data META
Prefix with political or thermal GEO
Pull up stakes, informally RELO
Salon job, briefly PERM
Scarlett of Tara OHARA
Sewing machine pioneer Howe ELIAS
Showing favoritism PARTIAL
Shutterbug’s setting FSTOP
Slimming procedure, for short LIPO
Sneaking suspicion NOTION
Snowman accessory SCARF
St. Anthony’s cross shape TAU
Street-vendor Gucci bag, e.g SHAM
Successors to Muhammad CALIPHS
Taiwanese PC maker ACER
Teacher’s job security TENURE
Threatening words ORELSE
Title for Van Morrison SIR
Traffic headache SNARL
Versatile vehicle, for short UTE
Walk like a rooster STRUT
Way back when AGO
Webpage directory SITEMAP
Whom cops may collar PERPS
Winter Olympics vehicles LUGES

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