USA Today – Apr 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (___’s Version)’ TAYLOR
‘Are You the ___?’ (MTV reality show) ONE
‘Stick to the Status ___’ QUO
‘Ta-da!’ VOILA
‘The weekend! Finally!’ TGIF
‘___ Memes Well’ (book by 34-Across) SHE
2016 Solange album ASEATATTHETABLE
8-foot-2-inch Muppet BIGBIRD
Actor Mapa ALEC
Aftermath of an out-of-control party MESS
Ain’t ISNT
Animal kept as a pet by Harley Quinn HYENA
Astronauts’ org NASA
Bakery appliance OVEN
Bamako’s country MALI
Book of maps ATLAS
Centerpiece of the Taj Mahal TOMB
Chewy candy bar filling NOUGAT
Clip-___ (sound of a horse’s hooves) CLOP
Clubs or hearts SUIT
Coffee JOE
Common blister site LITTLETOE
Controls the music DJS
Creator and star of ‘Abbott Elementary’ QUINTABRUNSON
Deep sleep stage REM
Desire COVET
Drop kick PUNT
Feels sore ACHES
Filipino pantry staple SPAM
Flattering poem ODE
Friend, in French AMIE
Gender-neutral pronoun THEM
Gets frothy FOAMS
Hat worn by some tennis players VISOR
Hive mothers QUEENBEES
Home of many Sherpa people TIBET
Hot ___ balloon AIR
Je ne sais ___ QUOI
Like a housecat but not a wildcat TAME
Location PLACE
Mariah . . . the Elusive Chanteuse CAREY
Night before a special day EVE
No longer stylish OUT
Party before a big game TAILGATE
Performance with two singers DUET
Periods of time ERAS
Person who writes gossipy articles TABLOIDREPORTER
Personal hero IDOL
Place to get cash ATM
Placeholding letters in a schedule TBA
Polite address common in the South MAAM, SIR
Programming tool whose logo features a crescent moon ECLIPSE
Pudding recipe instruction STIR
Record label Top ___ Entertainment DAWG
Satisfies SATES
Saunter AMBLE
Shape of an ice rink OVAL
Shopping cart unit ITEM
Sichuan bean curd dish MAPOTOFU
Site of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 IRAN
Small bird that hoots OWLET
Smoke shop purchases BONGS
Staff assistant AIDE
The p in mph PER
Trait of easy-to-follow directions CLARITY
Urgent DIRE
Visually perceive SEE
Weather that may cancel a picnic RAIN
Wi-Fi device MODEM
Zodiac sign symbolized by scales LIBRA
___ mater ALMA
___-di-dah LAH

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