USA Today – Apr 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘Five in a row!’ BINGO
‘I’m impressed!’ OOH
‘Interjection’ or ‘conjunction’ NOUN
Advice for the exhausted REST
Alternative to 34-Across TRUE
Answer in a simple quiz FALSE
Applause or boos, e.g RESPONSE
Baptismal receptacle FONT
Barrier to teamwork, perhaps EGO
Beam-splitting crystal PRISM
Begin a journey SETFORTH
Chomp on chips, say NOSH
Code talkers’ language (var.) NAVAHO
Creator of tiny tunnels ANT
Deserving a D or F POOR
Destination in Dorothy’s dream LANDOFOZ
Dump water on DOUSE
Egg farm denizens HENS
Exhaust pipe emission FUMES
Fab Four surname STARR
Factories with no A/C? SWEATPLANTS
Filleter’s removal BONE
Fresh face at a firm HIREE
Full of zip PEPPY
Go like a jet ZOOM
Illusion-based genre OPART
In violation of curfew LATE
Island with a state capital OAHU
Like a loiterer IDLE
Like track, but not field, events TIMED
Mannequin part ARM
Manuscript slip-up TYPO
Marine seal hunter ORCA
Meat served with sweet and sour sauce PORK
Menagerie member BEAST
Move like an elephant’s ear FLAP
Mud or mincemeat creations PIES
Not quite right AMISS
Not-so-gentle giants OGRES
Clues Answers
One in support PRO
One of two on a car AXLE
Passenger in Kanga’s pouch ROO
Penalty caller, for short REF
Practically forever EONS
Pressly of ‘My Name Is Earl’ JAIME
Progressive Insurance spokesperson FLO
Prospector’s jackpot LODE
Pullers of hoaxes FAKERS
Radio switch letters AMFM
React to tickling, perhaps LAUGH
Rock climber’s support TOEHOLD
Scheme hatched at a Starbucks? COFFEEPLOT
Shakespearean rival of Paris ROMEO
Short-nosed dogs PUGS
Shoulder warmers SHAWLS
Solo containing a high C, perhaps ARIA
Source of drawn blood VEIN
Speak from the stump ORATE
Spiller’s cry OOPS
Start of a 52-Down address HTTP
Superhero played by Chris Hemsworth THOR
Target of a plumber’s snake CLOG
Team in a yoke OXEN
Tops in cordiality NICEST
True grit in the rink? HOCKEYPLUCK
Turkish currency unit LIRA
Use a razor blade on, perhaps SLIT
Uses steroids, e.g DOPES
Vulcan, to the ancient Romans FIREGOD
Washington Irving offering TALE
Web browser’s find PAGE
What ‘somebody’s gotta do,’ in a saying DIRTYJOB
Wishful feeling HOPE
Withdrawn Canadian bills ONES
Word after jagged or ragged EDGE
Word in an afterthought ALSO
Work schedule at a greasy spoon? FRYINGPLAN
___ Pictures (‘Jeopardy!’ producer) SONY

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