USA Today – Apr 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘. . . give or take’ ORSO
‘But I’m a Cheerleader’ actress CLEADUVALL
‘C’mon, man . . .’ DUDE
‘C’mon, man . . .’ BRO
‘Game, ___, match’ SET
‘Give me a ___’ SEC
‘Should’ve ___ that coming’ SEEN
‘What a long week it’s been!’ TGIF
‘Why don’t we!’ LETS
All together ASONE
Annual ___ shots FLU
Apartment expense RENT
As easy as ___ PIE
As easy as ___ ABC
Bands and banks sell them CDS
Body parts that can be shut EYES
Brings to court SUES
Capital where Emma Watson was born PARIS
Cleared weeds from the garden HOED
Color close to turquoise TEAL
Country that celebrates Pi Mai LAOS
Deal with adversity COPE
Drinks with foamy tops LATTES
Easier-to-swallow pill GELCAP
Fencing sword EPEE
Filters slowly SEEPS
Free apps often have them MOBILEADS
Fruit used to flavor gin SLOE
Generation after Z ALPHA
Group of mountains RANGE
Hearing or touch SENSE
Holder of 29-Down POLE
Hopping mad IRATE
Intake that ‘keeps the doctor away,’ in a proverb ANAPPLEADAY
Islamic etiquette ADAB
Jar cover LID
Key ingredient for a Reuben CORNEDBEEF
Lack of trouble EASE
Like a mint condition ‘Action Comics No. 1’ RARE
Like some yarn PLIED
Like time capsules BURIED
Little devils IMPS
Make tweaks to ALTER
Measure of length FOOT
Most countries have rectangular ones FLAGS
NBC sketch show SNL
Paradise for Adam and Eve EDEN
Part in a movie ROLE
Part of a list ITEM
Place for some fillers LIP
Problem with an old rattan seat SAG
Rainbow shape ARC
Retirement fund NESTEGG
Safe to consume EDIBLE
Scornful look SNEER
Secretly includes on an email BCCS
Shout YELL
Simple type of question YESNO
Small earring STUD
Some first responders EMTS
Song from back in the day OLDIE
Stare slack-jawed GAPE
Supposedly confidential but actually widely known matter OPENSECRET
Sway to and ___ FRO
Therefore HENCE
They can be painted or clipped TOENAILS
Vehicle in luge or skeleton SLED
Volcano outflow LAVA
Weighed down LADEN
Work hard TOIL
Worked as a secret agent SPIED
Young ___ fiction ADULT
___ golf DISC
___ No More IDLE
___-ray player BLU
___/them pronouns THEY

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