USA Today – Apr 7 2018

Clues Answers
‘Able was I ___ . . .’ ERE
‘All gone!’ sound POOF
‘Phantasy Star’ gamemaker SEGA
Airborne circus performer HUMANCANNONBALL
An eligible pass receiver END
Archaic ‘Yikes!’ YEGODS
Are natives of COMEFROM
Armchair quarterback’s channel ESPN
Beethoven’s homage to Napoleon EROICA
Bleacher bum, e.g FAN
Blind trio of rhyme MICE
Bricks quantity TON
Cariou of ‘Blue Bloods’ LEN
Charity’s URL ender ORG
Cheese in a wax coat EDAM
Claude who painted landscapes MONET
Common Jell-O flavor ORANGE
Countertop material MARBLE
Cpl.,e.g NCO
Dark area in an eclipse UMBRA
Delivers a diatribe RANTS
Dimwitted dog of comics ODIE
Disney collectibles CELS
Document sent online EFAX
Downfall, as of an empire DEMISE
Drug targeting cancer, e.g MAGICBULLET
Drum accompanying a sitar TABLA
Drysdale or Koufax DODGER
Flat-faced dog PUG
Freudian ‘I’ EGO
Fry cook’s workplace DINER
Has too much, briefly ODS
Henpecked one’s assent YESDEAR
How a stunt may be pulled ONABET
Humor magazine since 1952 MAD
Interior designer’s concern DECOR
Job interview topic SALARY
King Arthur’s paradise AVALON
Klensch of fashion ELSA
Clues Answers
Koteas of ‘Chicago P.D.’ ELIAS
Like half-price bread, perhaps DAYOLD
Long of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ NIA
Mafia bosses DONS
Marilyn Monroe, notably BLONDEBOMBSHELL
North Korea-China border river YALU
Note in a poker pot IOU
One of tennis’s Williamses SERENA
One of the Brontes EMILY
One of two in a 45-Across feature SPY
Online gaming self-images AVATARS
Out of sync OFF
Parolees, e.g EXCONS
Part of a drum brake SHOE
Parthenon feature PILLAR
Per unit, slangily APOP
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Pill bottle datum DOSE
Pink end of a No. 2 ERASER
Place for a 36-Down BAR
Place for a porker STY
Prefix with sphere or system ECO
Range where vicunas roam ANDES
Rotten to the core BAD
Sassy talk LIP
Silklike synthetic RAYON
Singapore Sling need GIN
Sit in judgment of TRY
Speedometer stat MPH
Symbol in a URL DOT
Tap option ALE
Tarzan et al APEMEN
Texter’s ‘That’s hilarious!’ LOL
Tourney favorites TOPSEEDS
Tranquilizer gun missile DART
Way around London TRAM
Wearers of dog tags, briefly GIS
Went ‘ZZZ,’ in comics SNORED
What 2-Downs signify DEBTS

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