USA Today – Apr 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Beetle Bailey’ creator Walker MORT
‘Don’t Know Why’ singer Jones NORAH
‘That’s the truth!’ ISWEAR
‘Uncle Vanya’ playwright Chekhov ANTON
‘Yeah, right!’ HAH
13th-century Mongol khanate GOLDENHORDE
1945 flag-raising site, briefly IWO
Adler of Sherlock Holmes stories IRENE
Aerial photography device DRONE
App symbol ICON
Argentite and cubanite ORES
Armadillo’s protection ARMOR
Aussie lass SHEILA
Back to square ___ ONE
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Begins the betting ANTES
Between jobs IDLE
Big bashes GALAS
Blaze alert FIRESIREN
Board’s partner ROOM
Boss Tweed’s corrupt group TAMMANYRING
Carrie of ‘Star Wars’ FISHER
Cheese often served with honey BRIE
Chew the rag GAB
Chiricahua or Mescalero, e.g APACHETRIBE
City east of Tempe MESA
Congressional gofers PAGES
Cut down to size ABASE
Cuzco dweller of old INCA
Diner on ‘Alice’ MELS
Dorothy Gale clicked hers HEELS
E46 automaker BMW
Eloped, e.g WED
French Toaster Sticks brand EGGO
Gift-wrapping time for many EVE
Go beyond ripe ROT
Gradually slower, in mus RIT
Grand Canyon, notably GORGE
Grate buildup ASH
Clues Answers
Harry Potter facial feature SCAR
In vitro cells OVA
Inflate, as a resume PAD
Kate Middleton is part of it ROYALFAMILY
Kick out of the country DEPORT
Let fly, as invective SPEW
Like a base-stealing threat FAST
Like a stick-in-the-mud STODGY
Littleneck or cherrystone CLAM
May-December romance issue AGEGAP
Mr. Munster HERMAN
Oft-pierced places LOBES
Online reads EMAGS
Patio stone PAVER
Person or thing ENTITY
Place for spelunkers CAVE
Pocket fuzz LINT
Postgame wrap-up RECAP
Public to-do SCENE
Ran easily LOPED
Ran wildly, as a buffalo herd STAMPEDED
Reading after a reset OOO
Result of a software bug ERROR
Simmons of KISS GENE
Sing in the Alps, perhaps YODEL
Smiley and Smart, for two AGENTS
Smoothie ingredient ICE
Some roll call votes YEAS
St. Teresa’s city AVILA
Supreme Court appointee after Sonia ELENA
Talk aimlessly RAMBLE
The Diamondbacks, on scoreboards ARI
Toward the rudder AFT
Tyler of ‘The Leftovers’ LIV
Well-behaved child ANGEL
What embers do GLOW
Wood of the Rolling Stones RON
Word after Backstreet or Bowery BOYS
___ leaf (minimal cover-up) FIG

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