USA Today – Apr 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘And after that!?’ THENWHAT
‘I’ve got it!’ AHA
‘Legally Blonde’ studio MGM
‘Rae the ___’ (comic) DOE
‘Right now!’ ASAP
‘Split’ or ‘loose’ follower ENDS
‘Thanks a ___!’ TON
‘Transgender Street Legend Vol. 1’ artist LEFTATLONDON
Acquire GAIN
Annoys IRKS
Ariana Grande hit whose video pays homage to ‘The Creation of Adam’ GODISAWOMAN
Ba Be Lake’s continent ASIA
Backspace over ERASE
Beaver’s creation DAM
Bed size TWIN
Butter container TUB
Care for a neighbor’s orchids PLANTSIT
Charity event with a finish line FUNRUN
Climbed Half Dome, e.g HIKED
Come together UNITE
Competitive advantage EDGE
Counterparts of bottoms TOPS
Covered with frosting ICED
Create a moat for a sandcastle DIG
Designer Lowe ANN
Easter ___ (hidden detail in a Taylor Swift video, e.g.) EGG
Eat supper DINE
Eve’s garden EDEN
Falcon’s nest AERIE
Feeling blue SAD
Fencing blade EPEE
Fish-and-chips fish COD
Foot or yard UNIT
Genderfluid god in the Marvel Cinematic Universe LOKI
Genetic makeup DNA
Got older AGED
Groom, like a beard TRIM
H.S. exams on a 5-point scale APS
Infuse with oxygen AERATE
It might be celebrated by wearing pink and orange eye makeup LESBIANPRIDE
Legendary singer Horne LENA
Library offerings for low-vision readers LARGEPRINTBOOKS
Like old bread STALE
Like some lassis SALTY
Like some needs UNMET
Lounge lazily LOLL
Makes damp WETS
Male sheep RAM
Molecule parts ATOMS
Nobelist Curie MARIE
Not ‘for here’ TOGO
Not as much LESS
Notification, e.g ALERT
October birthstone OPAL
Payments owed DEBTS
Peach center PIT
People totally decked out in a band’s merch ADORINGFANS
Photo-sharing app INSTA
Pong maker ATARI
Programmer Lovelace ADA
Puts in order SORTS
Reference book with insets ATLAS
Samosa veggie PEA
Second Greek letter BETA
She/___ HER
Six-pt. plays for the Miami Fury TDS
Small amount of MSG DASH
Small donkey BURRO
Spanish for ‘day’ DIA
Streaming annoyance LAG
Sushi tuna AHI
The ‘L’ in LOTR LORD
Utensils for spaghetti FORKS
Yang’s counterpart YIN
Yoga surface MAT
___ for (tries to find) HUNTS
___ out (barely got) EKED
___-horse town ONE

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