USA Today – Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
‘As a result . . .’ ERGO
‘Ditto!’ SODOI
‘I Love Paris’ composer Porter COLE
‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ prop IDOL
50-Down technician’s request LIESTILL
A no-no for vegans DAIRY
Alternative to Uber TAXI
Appliance on a board IRON
Apply with a swab, perhaps DAB
Ardent, as collectors AVID
Awful reputations BADNAMES
Backboard attachments RIMS
Barbecue morsels RIBLETS
Become well HEAL
Big bother ADO
Bloodmobile visitor DONOR
Body scan, for short MRI
Break in hostilities TRUCE
Captain done in by Moby-Dick AHAB
Cartoon explorer DORA
Catchall option in a survey OTHER
Common bakery buy DOZENDOUGHNUTS
Continental bank notes EUROS
Create caricatures DRAW
Crop-damaging downpour HAIL
D.C. player NAT
Deli or bar array RYES
Drift off for a while NAP
E-commerce site symbol CART
Electronics store section AUDIO
Entrance for Fido, informally DOGGIEDOOR
Far from enjoyable NOFUN
Females that 9-Across EWES
Flub an easy one ERR
Four caplets instead of two, e.g DOUBLEDOSE
Furrowed body part BROW
Goes after, as fly balls SHAGS
Guy pal, informally BRO
Handy item for a solver ERASER
Clues Answers
Have an epic fail BOMB
Hemsworth of ‘The Hunger Games’ LIAM
How an index is ordered ATOZ
Inedible part of a Happy Meal TOY
Insomniac’s eye features BAGS
Japanese city east of Kobe OSAKA
Key signature with no sharps and flats AMINOR
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Literary physician who talks to animals DOCTORDOLITTLE
Made a fillet of BONED
Midterm, e.g EXAM
Milieu for 1-Across SEA
Much-maligned Serbian auto YUGO
Name in fuel additives STP
National Mall trees ELMS
Norse god played by Anthony Hopkins ODIN
Oval Office rejection VETO
Pantyhose hue ECRU
Party often lit with torches LUAU
Places for binge-watchers SOFAS
Rank for Friday or Snorkel (Abbr.) SGT
Reaction to a pinch, maybe OUCH
Reduce the word count of, say EDIT
Rose with a lifetime ban PETE
Saver of the day HERO
Skywalker from Tatooine LUKE
Solar energy collector PANEL
Sound from a flock BLEAT
Start a triathlon SWIM
Storybook fiend OGRE
Surface beneath the crossties ROADBED
Tatum of ‘Paper Moon’ ONEAL
Tourist mecca of India AGRA
Twist the arm of URGE
Two-___ sloth TOED
Vocalist’s warble TRILL
What the haughty put on AIRS
Where to hang one’s hat ABODE
Zero out RESET

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