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USA Today – April 22 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Listen up!’ HEY
108-card game CANASTA
1941 Welles role KANE
Adds pizzazz to JAZZESUP
Aloha State souvenir LEI
Appliance at Popeyes FRYER
Applied epoxy to GLUED
Assault on Troy, e.g SIEGE
Bart’s ride to school BUS
Biblical place with ‘no room’ INN
Bring glee to ELATE
Bucket of bolts CRATE
Budget manager, jocularly BEANCOUNTER
Carry a mortgage, say OWE
Casino dealer’s place TABLE
Chocolaty cathartic EXLAX
Conveyances hauled by teams OXCARTS
Covered with droplets DEWY
Easily angered TESTY
Eccentric sort WACKO
Election Day setup VOTINGBOOTH
Emir’s religion ISLAM
Finished the leftovers, say ATE
Highest Sudoku digit, typically NINE
Hint of hue TINGE
Iconic spokescow ELSIE
Inner tube’s innards AIR
Insultingly small MEASLY
Issue a ticket to CITE
Juggling maneuver TOSS
Juice in Bloody Marys TOMATO
Lamas of ‘Falcon Crest’ LORENZO
Last Supper chalice GRAIL
Left-handed Beatle PAUL
Like Darth Vader EVIL
Like yodels or lullabies SUNG
Linguine sauce morsel CLAM
Makes less wild TAMES
Mansfield of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ JAYNE
Moonshine setups STILLS
Mule or pump part SOLE
Nabisco’s top seller OREO
Orchestra prop MUSICSTAND
Place for a pennant FLAGPOLE
Plane ticket datum ROW
Preflight screening org TSA
Put one over on HAD
Reeds with melancholy sounds OBOES
Rip to shreds REND
Ripe 25-Across color RED
Routing word VIA
Run a sting on ENTRAP
Schedule A completer ITEMIZER
Shares a border with ABUTS
Sides in a classic battle SEXES
Six-legged queen ANT
Slowly, on a score LENTO
Slung mud at SMEARED
Sought by the MPs AWOL
Soundbar speaker maker BOSE
Spider’s creation WEB
Splits open CLEAVES
Stable structure HORSESTALL
Sunlight and garlic, to vampires BANES
Tartan-sporting families CLANS
The ___ suspects USUAL
They’re greased by bribers PALMS
Time of one’s life AGE
Tree-felling tools AXES
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Wagerer’s words ITSABET
Was at the fore LED
Wearable carving CAMEO
Word before base or shelter TAX
Working diligently ATIT