USA Today – Aug 1 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘All finished here’ IMDONE
‘Gone Girl’ actress Ward SELA
‘I agree 100%!’ AMEN
‘I’m not kidding!’ NOREALLY
‘Whee, this is ___!’ FUN
Appliance for making kale chips OVEN
Attorney’s expertise LAW
Attraction ALLURE
Bean used in making chocolate CACAO
Building stats FLOORAREAS
Bus schedule stat ETA
Canadian poet ___ El-Mohtar AMAL
Casts a ballot VOTES
Cause to yawn BORE
Chinese lantern color RED
City home to the Washington State History Museum TACOMA
Close kin, informally FAM
Constructs ERECTS
Contract negotiator AGENT
Crystle Lightning’s heritage CREE
Edmonton’s CFL team ELKS
Embarrassing blunders GAFFES
Everlasting ETERNAL
Face covering MASK
Fashion designer Locking ANA
Focuses of some hair trimmers NOSES
Fruit rich in potassium BANANA
Fussy person PRIG
Get with the times ADAPT
Goo in pits TAR
Greek god of war ARES
H.S. exams for college credit APS
Hopping mad IRATE
Insects drawn to sweet, sticky liquid ANTS
Lifted higher RAISED
Lineup of first-string players ATEAM
Lineup of VIP guests ALIST
Lugged TOTED
Many years ___ AGO
Meadow bleat BAA
Methods MODES
Model train company LIONEL
More than OVER
Night before EVE
Nikola ___ Museum, Belgrade TESLA
Not that important MINOR
Outstanding role model CLASSACT
Place for a pendant NECK
Playground piece for two SEESAW
Really heavy LEADEN
Runway walk STRUT
Shows feelings EMOTES
Soda machine inserts ONES
Some E.R. staffers DRS
State west of Montana (Abbr.) IDA
Stereotypical robot noise BLOOP
Swinging sport TBALL
Tea ceremony mat TATAMI
That, in Spanish ESO
The second O in YOLO ONCE
They might be pay-per-click ADS
Tip over UPEND
Towering fantasy creatures GIANTS
Train stop DEPOT
Turns sharply VEERS
Unit in gemology CARAT
Unwelcome sign BADOMEN
Very strong winds GALES
Wearing makeup and a stylish outfit, say CAMERAREADY
What B stands for in a word processor BOLD
Women’s History Month (Abbr.) MAR
Wood for patio furniture CEDAR
Written reminder NOTE
___ and file RANK

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