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USA Today – Aug 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘august’ singer TAYLORSWIFT
‘Formerly named,’ in a wedding announcement NEE
‘Give it a rest!’ STOP
‘Jeopardy!’ champion Schneider AMY
‘Now we’re cooking with ___!’ GAS
‘Queer Love’ on Spotify, for example PLAYLIST
‘See ya later!’ GOTTARUN
‘Star Wars’ character from Jakku REY
‘That hits the ___!’ SPOT
‘Toodle-oo!’ TATA
‘___, como vai?’ OLA
Alternative to oat or almond SOY
Bathroom, in Britain LOO
Bit of initial progress TOEHOLD
Body part where ghungroos are tied ANKLE
Came to a standstill HALTED
Comedy show starring Bowen Yang SNL
Common cat food flavor TUNA
Condition that can be managed with Adderall ADHD
Crater Lake’s state (Abbr.) ORE
Croaky voice RASP
Expert PRO
Glide down a mountain SKI
Goan curry VINDALOO
Gone up RISEN
Got together MET
Greek salad cheese FETA
Green poke bowl mix-in EDAMAME
Heap praise on LAUD
Holder of reds and whites WINEGLASS
Image or video used in teaching VISUALPROMPT
In the know AWARE
Incisors and canines TEETH
Insects that are attracted to light MOTHS
It might have heated seats CAR
Kids’ Halloween haul TREATS
Last chance to turn something in DEADLINE
Loved ___ ONES
Luck-based card game WAR
Mac alternatives PCS
Metal with the chemical symbol Sn TIN
Moved back and forth SWUNG
Nannies and billies GOATS
Outskirts EDGES
Part of a meeting agenda ITEM
Part of a volleyball match SET
Pay-___-view PER
Perform in character ACT
Perform like Katey Red RAP
Person who worships Jah RASTA
Pigs’ home STY
Play it by ___ EAR
Pointy-eared, pointy-hatted creature ELF
Pokemon Go battle site GYM
Practitioner such as a sangoma HEALER
Prefix for ‘dynamic’ AERO
Rite that ends with a feast on Eid al-Fitr RAMADANFAST
Romantic get-together DATE
Sans-___ font SERIF
Seller’s counterpart BUYER
Serbian Empire title TSAR
Severe HARSH
Sidestep DODGE
Sports org. with an NIL policy NCAA
Stitches up SEWS
Tennis court divider NET
The g in mpg (Abbr.) GAL
The letter after pi RHO
Tummy muscles ABS
Unfilled space GAP
Uno uno DOS
Wide scenic view PANORAMA
Wrestler Raine AVA
Yung Pueblo poetry book INWARD
___ Alamos, New Mexico LOS