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USA Today – Aug 10 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

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‘Good thinking!’ SMART
‘I couldn’t care ___!’ LESS
‘Monsters, ___’ (Pixar movie) INC
‘My apologies’ SORRY
‘Quiet!’ SHH
‘Super Fly’ star Ron ONEAL
‘Where ___ you going with this?’ ARE
‘___ of your business!’ NONE
‘___ pasa?’ QUE
Add to the staff HIRE
Barber’s specialty HAIR
Bodycon garment DRESS
Box for a pet CRATE
Building for storing grain SILO
Canine DOG
Car type SEDAN
Chocolaty coffee MOCHA
Circus walking poles STILTS
City where Moses Dickson started the Knights of Liberty, for short STL
Corporate higher-up, for short EXEC
Country whose official languages are Arabic and Kurdish IRAQ
Device for storing TV shows DVR
Extremely high-priority URGENT
Family member such as Sally in the mnemonic PEMDAS AUNT
First-timer BEGINNER
Floor-swabbing tool MOP
Friendly NICE
Get defeated LOSE
Get something wrong ERR
Go out the door LEAVE
Go out the door EXIT
Henna, for example DYE
Holiday money EIDI
Hopi observance on Aug. 10 PUEBLOREVOLTDAY
Like some tea ICED
Like some tea THAI
Make a mess of RUIN
Make amends ATONE
Measure of a car’s speed, for short MPH
Middle region of the Beaver State CENTRALOREGON
Necessity NEED
Neighbor of Albania GREECE
Nickname for a medical professional DOC
Non-bee insect with a queen ANT
Opposite of ‘followed’ LED
Opposite of 1-Across MORE
Orchard plantings TREES
Palindromic explosive TNT
Part of a molecule ATOM
Part of the leg SHIN
Performance with a libretto OPERA
Place to get potato salad DELI
Prominent initials in fashion YSL
Quintessentially scary dino TREX
Regions AREAS
Rocker Willow SMITH
Scent ODOR
Seed high in soluble fiber CHIA
Shoulder-to-hip band SASH
Solely ONLY
Spruce up for publication EDIT
Stage of a video game LEVEL
Stay out of sight HIDE
Story of significant length SAGA
Story progressions ARCS
Symbol of love HEART
Tax org IRS
The L in 27-Across LOUIS
TV awards EMMYS
Two plus three plus four NINE
Uninformed IGNORANT
Versions that aren’t black-and-white COLOREDITIONS
Was very fond of ADORED
Weaving device LOOM
Word rhymed with ‘waste’ in a proverb HASTE
Wrenches and such TOOLS
___ Nanak GURU
___-Mex cuisine TEX