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USA Today – Aug 11 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t ___ me, bro!’ TASE
‘Hello, Dolly!’ surname LEVI
‘I’ll take your offer!’ DEAL
‘Some other time’ NOTNOW
‘ST:TNG’ part TREK
‘The Divine Comedy’ author DANTE
‘___ Secretary’ (Leoni drama) MADAM
‘___ we there yet?’ ARE
‘___, mon’ (Scot’s utterance) HOOT
68-Across Stadium org USTA
Add fizz to AERATE
Anesthetic of old ETHER
Angiogram image AORTA
Assayers’ samples ORES
Beaufort scale category GALE
Benicio del Toro biopic CHE
Big Apple tennis venue ASHE
Bomb squad device ROBOT
Brooks with seven Diamond albums GARTH
Campus area, for short QUAD
Challenge to a verdict APPEAL
Chaucer tale-teller REEVE
Clio, to Erato SISTER
Cookies in dirt cake OREOS
Dadaist Jean ARP
E-cigarette’s lack ASH
End of a Muhammad Ali boast STINGLIKEABEE
Fabled race loser HARE
Fish in gefilte fish CARP
Fruit in some chutney MANGO
FYI part FOR
Garlic-crushing utensil PRESS
General Bradley OMAR
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Henry VIII’s six WIVES
Hollowed, as an apple CORED
Howard of XM radio STERN
In hot pursuit of AFTER
Indonesian tourist mecca BALI
Clues Answers
Item in red DEBT
Jordan’s language ARABIC
Jose Altuve, for one ASTRO
Jurors, in theory PEERS
Legendary humanoid YETI
Like proverbial hens’ teeth RARE
Mall chain, with ‘The’ GAP
Mudville ___ (Casey’s team) NINE
On the road AWAY
Oodles ALOT
Pale blue hue AQUA
Part of a footprint SOLE
Pastor’s nickname REV
Place to cybershop EMALL
Pooch, to a tot DOGGIE
Post-snowfall need SHOVEL
Raiser of Tarzan APE
Sans-serif typeface ARIAL
Scandal suffix GATE
Serenade the villain HISS
Shot put or javelin EVENT
Some parochial school teachers NUNS
Sound of a face-plant THUD
Sources of T-bone steaks LOINS
Styled, as hair DID
Target competitor KOHLS
The Bard’s sprite ARIEL
The Keydets’ sch VMI
Those in control THEPOWERSTHATBE
Toledo’s lake ERIE
Toy boat’s locale BATH
Tries to win over WOOS
Turns away, as one’s eyes AVERTS
Two-time defeater of Adlai IKE
Use an alternative strategy RESORTTOPLANB
Whale blubber yield, to the Inuit OIL
Woodland female DOE
Word in a dentist’s request WIDER
___ Miss (Rebels’ school) OLE