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USA Today – Aug 11 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Last ___ on Market Street’ STOP
‘Te ___’ AMO
‘Uh, sure’ IGUESS
‘___ the Next One’ (Jay-Z/Swizz Beatz song) ONTO
‘___-di-dah’ LAH
20 questions category ANIMAL
A simple microscope has one LENS
Appliance for making challah OVEN
Apt synonym for ‘ice’ FROST
Archer’s asset AIM
Athlete ___(activist group) ALLY
Awards acronym completed twice by Robert Lopez EGOT
Brought to court SUED
Caramelized veggie in yassa ONION
Click the floppy disk icon SAVE
Color of paprika RED
Completely ALL
Congested-sounding NASAL
Debate topic ISSUE
Distribute more broadly DECENTRALIZE
Do better than ONEUP
Doge or Smudge the Cat, e.g MEME
Farewell that’s ‘bid’ ADIEU
Fingernail treatment, for short MANI
Floral neckwear LEIS
Fuel from a bog PEAT
Home of the NBA’s Thunder OKLAHOMACITY
Home to the Gateway Arch STL
Homeowner’s document DEED
In the records ONFILE
Inflatable boat RAFT
It might be bent in Warrior II pose RIGHTLEG
Living room seating SOFA
Maneuvering delicately FINESSING
Mary Poppins, e.g NANNY
Mennonite offshoot AMISH
Meter or mile UNIT
Clues Answers
Molecule component ATOM
Nighttime twinkler STAR
Nuoc cham and guacamole DIPS
Painter’s support EASEL
Pasture-raised GRASSFED
Person making alterations TAILOR
Person who takes action DOER
Photo PIC
Piercing places EARS
Prefix for ‘binary’ NON
Prefix for ‘circle’ SEMI
Relaxing getaway destination SPA
Rene of ‘Nightcrawler’ RUSSO
Select from a group CULL
Shelter for a camper TENT
Short-term job GIG
Shows off clothing MODELS
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Singer King ELLE
Skin treatment at a 33-Across PEEL
Slimy stuff GOO
Slob’s creation MESS
Snakelike swimmer EEL
Space Invaders maker ATARI
Spanish for ‘mother’ MADRE
Stat on some face lotions SPF
Story that ends with ‘happily ever after’ FAIRYTALE
Strangest ODDEST
Tavern brews ALES
Texting initials SMS
Third-place medal BRONZE
Tiebreaking periods, for short OTS
Total stranger RANDO
VIP airport section LOUNGE
Word after ‘straw’ or ‘opinion’ POLL
YouTuber Akana ANNA
___ a living (make ends meet) EKEOUT
___ Blue Dot PALE